Energy gels & Bars

12 x 60 ml
Promotional Pack of Energy GelsPromotional Pack of Energy Gels

Find out which one is the best!

Regular price€29,10 Sale price€19,99
- 31%
16 x 75 g
Nrgy Unit Gel (16x) - NEWNrgy Unit Gel (16x) - NEW

Upgrade version!

Sale price€39,99
20 x 25 g
Jelly Bar BoxJelly Bar Box

That's how you beat the record

Sale price€16,99
60 ml
4Energy Gel4Energy Gel

Lone buddies

Sale price€1,79
25 g
Jelly BarJelly Bar

Sprint & chew

Sale price€0,99
60 ml
GO Isotonic Energy GelGO Isotonic Energy Gel
10 x 60 ml
10x sis isotonic gelGO Isotonic Energy Gel (small box)
SIS - Science in Sports
Regular price€22,00 Sale price€14,99
- 32%
30 x 60 ml
GO Isotonic Energy Gel (big box)GO Isotonic Energy Gel (big box)
SIS - Science in Sports

Energy gel with a long tradition

Regular price€66,00 Sale price€39,99
- 39%
24 x 60 ml
4Energy Gel Box4Energy Gel Box

This is 4Energy

Sale price€24,00
30 x 120 g
Monster Flapjack (Box)Monster Flapjack (Box)
40 g
4Energy Bar4Energy Bar

Why just one?

Sale price€1,50
10 x 45 g
4Energy Bar Pack4Energy Bar Pack

You like small bets?

Sale price€13,99
60 ml
1 x Energy Gel with L-Carnitine1 x Energy Gel with L-Carnitine
4Endurance Pro

The only gel that burns fat

Sale price€2,49
50 g
Recovery BarRecovery Bar

Better than nothing

Sale price€2,70
12 x 50 g
Recovery Bar BoxRecovery Bar Box

Recovery party!

Sale price€24,99
Mix of 4 different Bars
Promotional Bar PackPromotional Bar Pack

Choosing is hard

Sale price€6,99
35 x 45 g
4Energy Bar Box4Energy Bar Box

Not sprinting? Take a bite

Sale price€35,00
30 x 60 ml
Beta Fuel GelBeta Fuel Gel
SIS - Science in Sports

For extreme challenges

Sale price€44,99

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