12 x 50 g

Recovery Bar Box


Don't have time to mix a drink after exercise? Grab our recovery bar and experience the ultimate convenience without compromising on recovery effectiveness.

  • 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio
  • Supports muscle repair and growth
  • Easy on the stomach

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4Energy Recovery Bar sets a new standard among recovery bars with its power for optimal post-workout replenishment.

A recovery bar with a 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio can be beneficial for optimal recovery after exercise. This ratio is recommended because it helps replenish glycogen stores in your muscles while also providing protein for muscle repair and growth.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for your body during exercise, and consuming them after a workout helps restore depleted glycogen levels. Protein, on the other hand, is essential for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissues that may have been damaged during intense physical activity.

The 4:1 ratio is thought to be particularly effective because it provides enough carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores quickly, while the protein aids in muscle recovery and synthesis. This combination can help speed up the recovery process and enhance muscle adaptation to training.

It's worth noting that individual nutritional needs may vary based on factors like the intensity and duration of exercise, body weight, and specific fitness goals.

Recover. Refuel. Conquer with Recovery bar!

  • Accelerated recovery
  • Muscle repair and growth
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Convenient on-the-go
  • Easy to digest
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Tailored for athletes

Take 1 - 2 bars after your workout.


100 g

50 g (1 bar)


1266.9 kJ / 304.1 kcal 633.4 kJ / 152.1 kcal

Total Fat

6.3 g 3.2 g

Saturated Fat

1.9 g 0.9 g

Total Carbohydrates

43.3 g 21.7 g


28.6 g 14.3 g


13.7 g 6.9 g


10.4 g 5.2 g
250 mg 125 mg

Dietary supplement.

Ingredients (apple pie): dates, oat flour (GLUTEN), chicory root fiber, almond paste (NUTS), pea protein isolate, dried apple, date syrup, raisin, vegetable oil (coconut), almond flour (NUTS), cinnamon, natural flavor. The product may contain traces of nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs. Store in a cool and dry place. Vegan-friendly.

Ingredients (chocolate caramel): dates, oat flour (GLUTEN), chicory root fiber, almond paste (NUTS), dark chocolate drops (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder), pea protein isolate, date syrup, almond flour (NUTS), cocoa powder, vegetable oil (coconut), emulsifier: lecithin, natural flavor. The product may contain traces of nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs. Store in a cool and dry place. Vegan-friendly.

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