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Adaptogens are plants that grow in extremely harsh conditions; cold, wind, shade, high mountains, etc. So in areas where nutrients are scarce and they are therefore constantly under stress, forcing them to survive.

For more on adaptogens, read our blog.

During any longer exercise, you need to ensure proper hydration and energy intake. The easiest way to do this is with an energy drink.

For best results, we recommend using Nrgy Unit Drink. It will give you enough energy for an extra hour of exercise, while replacing all the minerals you lose through sweating. This will keep your hydration levels high at all times.

Energy gels and bars are a great source of energy that can be combined with an isotonic drink to boost your workouts.

Energy gels are better suited for more intense workouts, when you are feeling short of breath and chewing an energy bar is not possible. The energy bar is suitable for less intense workouts, when you can eat it smoothly and enjoy its great taste.

For most athletes, the best choice is 4Energy energy gel, which gives you a burst of energy without the digestive problems. If you do high-intensity workouts that require even more energy intake, the right choice for you is Nrgy Unit Gel, which contains twice the energy in one gel.

The most popular choice among energy bars is the 4Energy Bar, which is designed to be non-melting and non-crumbling. It gives you the same amount of energy as a 4Energy Energy Gel, while also tasting extremely good.

If you want to satisfy your need for electrolytes with an energy bar and you prefer chocolate flavours, then we recommend you try a Salty Bar.

After every workout, your energy stores are empty and your muscles are damaged. As a result, you need to make sure you recover properly to prepare your body for future workouts.

For recovery after the hardest workouts, we recommend Regen recovery drink, which quickly replenishes your energy stores with the best ratio of carbohydrates, takes care of damaged muscles with the purest source of protein, and hydrates you with added electrolytes.

If your workout is less intense, we recommend Recovery Whey Formula. It'll help you replenish energy stores, heal damaged muscles and rehydrate after your workout.


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