For Competitors

If you're reading this, you're likely on the path to start competing or already in the thick of it. Striving for the top is commendable, yet undeniably tough.

In high competitive sports, reaching the top podium requires more than just raw talent and determination. So let's ask ourselves, what do all the greats have in common? They've mastered three core pillars:

1.) Training: They employ methodical, goal-oriented training plans for maximal gains from every session.

2.) Fueling: They optimally fuel their workouts, ensuring their bodies can handle the rigorous demands consistently.

3.) Support: They provide their bodies with additional support so it can endure all the effort it's going through over a longer period without breaking down.

Now, let's dive into the specifics.


Structured training is the base for every successful athlete. But they don’t train just for the sake of it. They know that tracking training and adapting it is key for progress and better results.

So first you need to identify what you will track, your KPIs (key performance indicators). For endurance athletes the following KPIs are the most important:

1.) Days missed

2.) Volume per week and volume per year 

3.) Maintenance of intensity in training 

4.) VO2 max levels

After a few weeks of tracking you will be able to identify where you could improve. Adjustments to your training plan are then needed, potentially with guidance from a coach or expert.

You could, for beginning, also use some of our professionally constructed training plans:

Training plans

First Trail Run? Get Ready With a Professional Training Plan

First Trail Run? Get Ready With a Professional Training Plan

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Time to Train? Get Your 18-Week Cycling Training Plan!

Time to Train? Get Your 18-Week Cycling Training Plan!

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Are you running a marathon? Use our training plan!

Are you running a marathon? Use our training plan!

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Increase VO2 Max with Optimized 10-Week Training Plan

Increase VO2 Max with Optimized 10-Week Training Plan

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Fueling is straightforward: intake enough carbohydrates (CHO) to power through your structured training and races.

When you are choosing the right fueling products you want the maximum amount of energy that's possible without the digestive issues. So you need to be careful about 3 things:

1.) Glucose-to-fructose ratio to utilize both body CHO receptors, maximizing energy intake.

2.) Electrolyte quantity and ratio for optimal hydration.

3.) Ingredient simplicity—only what's needed in the heat of action, like electrolytes and CHO.

Luckily the brand Nduranz, whose products we highly recommend, tackles this with an advanced approach, ensuring your energy is sustained, and digestive issues are minimized.


Supporting your body's long-term health is as vital as the daily grind of training.

We must realize that as athletes we push our bodies beyond the limit regularly. Thus our body needs added support.

Addressing the increased need for vitamins and minerals, joint and bone health, stress management, and VO2 max is crucial.

Falling ill or getting an injury is something we must prevent at all costs as it can set us back for months.

We as endurance athletes understand this the most, that's why we created 4Endurance Pro line which is specifically made for those extra needs of a serious athlete.

From boosting immune system and vo2 max to managing stress and taking care of joint health 4Endurance Pro line has got you covered.


Achieving competitive success is a result of dedication to these three facets: training smartly, fueling effectively, and providing your body with the support it needs.

By integrating our expertly designed training plans, innovative Nduranz fueling products, and 4Endurance Pro's targeted supplements into your regimen, you can aim for the top, confident in the knowledge that you're backed by the best.