Time to Train? Get Your 18-Week Cycling Training Plan!
Reading time: 2 min

Time to Train? Get Your 18-Week Cycling Training Plan!

Reading time: 2 min
Get ready for the next cycling season!
Time to Train? Get Your 18-Week Cycling Training Plan!

The period between seasons is the time when you train less or don't train at all. This comes back to bite you when you need to get back in shape when the new season starts, at it takes a lot of time to return to the level you had at the end of the previous season. 

The period before the season is crucial to get the best results in the main part of the year. That's why we prepared for you an 18-week cycling training plan, which will take you from simple exercises to grueling training sessions. 

What's in the training plan?

The training plan leads you through three segments:

  • introduction
  • base training
  • building phase 

Each is the basis for the following, so be sure not to skip any.

But before you begin training, you must be aware of your training zones. Learn how to test and determine your training zones!

Introduction to training (2 weeks)

The first two weeks will prepare you for the hard training ahead.

The introduction follows the principle high volume – low intensity. This means that training duration will increase, while the intensity stays the same. 

In this part, you can fill your days off with strength training or flexibility training, such as yoga and Pilates. 

Depending on your timing and when exactly you want to be in your best shape, you may increase the time of the introduction phase.

Base training (8 weeks)

The next eight weeks revolve around preparing a strong base, on which you will build your shape in the final segment.

The base training follows the principle higher volume – medium intensity. This means that training duration will increase, and the intensity will also increase.

The first part still puts the emphasis on developing resistance, but by the end of this segment, you will experience training sessions that push you within or even above your FTP threshold. 

Building phase (8 weeks)

The final segment unites all the past efforts into a meaningful unit and upgrades them.

The strong base, created in the previous segment, will allow you to raise your form to the next level and remove your weak spots.

All is clear now. The principle is high intensity. This means you're up against 8 grueling weeks of training. Get ready for intervals and dabbling into your VO2 max zone.

But not all is bleak. After four weeks, one week is dedicated to active recovery. Feeling better?

Don't forget about nutrition

Your training plan requires a lot of energy. Be sure to provide it to your body.

If you're in doubt how to best do that, check out our top supplements for cycling.

If your body doesn't have the necessary nutrients to get energy, your training will not be as efficient and your progress will be limited. Not to mention the toll on your immune system

Energy GelsThe energy gel is a great way to provide energy to your body during intense training sessions.

Fuel your training sessions with energy gels and isotonic sports drinks, which will allow you to complete your training safely and successfully. During the easier sessions, you might also enjoy an energy bar.

One of the key aspects of progress, which is often overlooked, is muscle recovery. After a workout, your body must recover quickly to refill its glycogen stores and repair damaged muscles.

The best way to recover is by using a recovery drink, which contains all the necessary nutrients for fast and efficient recovery. It's the only way to train next day at 100 percent.

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