Best Dietary Supplements for Trail Running in 2023
Reading time: 7 min

Best Dietary Supplements for Trail Running in 2024

Reading time: 7 min
Support your trail running with a smart use of dietary supplements.
Best Dietary Supplements for Trail Running in 2023

Trail running is increasingly popular among athletes, and for good reason. Swapping asphalt roads for forest soil and traffic lights for trees is a wonderful idea that's taking over the running world.

But trail running is still an endurance sport, and if you want to be successful and stay healthy, you need to take care of proper nutrition. Here enter dietary supplements, which are designed to provide all the nutrients you need while sweating out there in nature.

In this blog, we'll look at the best dietary supplements we recommend for trail running in 2024. And if you want to improve your physical preparation for trail running, check out our free training plan!

Sports nutrition for trail running

Sports nutrition for trail running can be divided into three different aspects.

  • Fueling
  • Recovery
  • Support

Each one of these aspects is very important in its own right, and you would do best to take care of all of them.

Fueling for trail running

Fueling is a nutritional strategy that involves the intake of carbohydrates during exercise. Related to fueling is also the intake of minerals aka electrolytes, which is called hydration. Together they form an integral part of nutrition during exercise.

In terms of fueling, there are 3 dietary supplements we recommend.

1. 4Energy Gel

The energy gel is every endurance athlete's best friend. It packs large amounts of energy in a convenient and efficient packaging and allows you to take care of your energy levels.

And if there's one energy gel we recommend, it's 4Energy Gel. Why do we recommend it?

  • It provides high levels of energy without digestive issues
  • It is the most natural energy gel on the market
  • It is extremely refreshing and doesn't need any water

Join thousands of athletes who use 4Energy Gel to fuel their endurance exercise and get ready to enjoy the nature on a whole new level!

2. Nrgy Unit Drink

An isotonic sports drink is the next most practical way to fuel your performance. The reason why many athletes choose an isotonic sports drink over an energy gel is that with the drink, you also consume the much needed water. But if you seek maximum efficiency, a combination of gels and drinks works best.

And what isotonic sports drink we recommend? There are many great options, but Nduranz's Nrgy Unit Drink provides all you need. It's true that this drink is designed for top-level and professional athletes, but any athlete can gain from its benefits.

  • Very high levels of energy without digestive issues
  • Replaces all the minerals you lose in your sweat
  • Easy to dose and use with the Nrgy Unit System

More and more endurance athletes use Nduranz products to achieve amazing results at the top levels of the game. While you might not take your trail running so seriously, your health is based on proper nutrition. And this drink provides all you need to stay strong and healthy.

3. 4Energy Bar

Unlike energy gels and isotonic sports drinks, energy bars are not as efficient for fueling during exercise. The reason is simple: when you function at high intensity, your digestion slows down. In that case, ingesting an energy bar is a bad idea. But if your exercise is at lower intensities, which trail running might very well be, the energy bar is a tasty and nutritious way to provide your body with the much needed carbohydrates.

There are plenty of energy bars out there, but there's only one 4Energy Bar.

  • Extremely tasty and nutritious
  • Fast and slow energy
  • Does not crumble or melt in your pockets

Athletes love the occasions when they can nurture their body and mind with a tasty energy bar. And they love 4Energy Bar even more, as it is the top-selling energy bar in our store. Don't use it if you push extremely hard, but if your goal is to make good use of the time you spend in nature, this energy bar will keep you full and very happy.

cyclist eating Energy bar - 4Energy
Enjoy easy-to-chew 4Energy bars, providing quick and convenient energy anytime, anywhere.

Muscle recovery for trail running

Listen, we know this is not a popular subject among athletes, but you need to take care of proper muscle recovery after workout. We are shocked at how many athletes ignore this essential part of sports nutrition, and it makes all the difference. Don't believe people telling you feeling sore, tired, and sick after exercise is normal and a sign of a good training session. That's false. It's a sign of poor muscle recovery.

Be smart and take care of your recovery. Your body, health, and athletic performance will thank you.

Here's the 2 dietary supplements we recommend.

1. Recovery Drink Regen

Proper muscle recovery requires you to intake minerals, carbohydrates, and protein within 30 minutes after exercise. While there is a variety of ways to achieve that, a recovery drink is by far the most precise and efficient.

And if there's one recovery drink to rule them all, Regen sits at the top of pile.

  • Optimal combination of carbohydrates to refill energy levels
  • All the minerals you need to restore proper body functions
  • So tasty that some describe it as a liquid cake

If you want to keep training in a healthy and efficient manner, and also feel great while doing it, make good use of Regen. Not only it will improve your athletic life and general wellbeing immensely, it also tastes so good you will go train just so you can enjoy it at the end. 

2. Recovery Bar 4Energy

Nothing beats a recovery drink in terms of efficiency, but actually chewing your food has undeniable merit. That's where a recovery bar becomes a very juicy option. What's a recovery bar? Well, the name is pretty telling. It's a bar that includes all, or most of the nutrients of a recovery drink.

And what recovery bar do we recommend? It's Recovery Bar 4Energy. Yes, the name won't win any originality award, but look at the benefits.

  • All the carbohydrates you need in the shape of oats and dates
  • A nice kick of protein and electrolytes to trigger muscle recovery
  • A nutritious and delicious recovery meal that you actually chew

As said, a recovery bar is not as efficient as a recovery drink, but it's a natural, tasty, and nutritious alternative that you can use to keep your body running at full speed throughout the long periods of physical activity. Because recovery matters.

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Support supplements for trail running

As far as support is concerned, there is a variety of supplements for different goals related to your trail running activities. Be it boosting your immune system, managing your stress levels, or increasing your VO2 max, dietary supplements can help you achieve that goal.

Since support is such a wide area, it is difficult to narrow it down to a few individual supplements, but here are our top 3 recommendations.

1. Immuno 4Endurance Pro

This is another area many athletes neglect, but taking proper care of your immune system will pay huge dividends down the line. Not only will you preserve your long-term health, something obviously essential, but you will also progress much more consistently, as you won't get slowed down by injury and disease.

There are many supplements to boost your immune system, from individual vitamins and minerals to complex multivitamin formulas, but if there is one we recommend above all others, it is Immuno 4Endurance Pro.

  • All the essential micronutrients in a single product
  • Reduce inflammations with strong antioxidant effect
  • Carefully selected ingredients for high levels of absorption

Don't be a fool and take care of your immune system. Maybe it's not something you feel immediately, but a weakened immune system will cause you a world of hurt down the line. Don't go down that path.

2. Ashwagandha 4Endurance Pro

Adaptogens have been used for centuries due to their several benefits for your body and mind. Among them, ashwagandha rules as one of the most potent, and most useful adaptogens to reduces stress and increase oxygen flow.

You can get ashwagandha anywhere these days, but Ashwagandha 4Endurance Pro provides the best source of this powerful adaptogen with an extremely high amount of active ingredients.

  • Probably the best 100% natural way to reduces stress
  • Obtained from ashwagandha root, the best source
  • High amount of active ingredients for best effect

You might not feel stressed, but keep in mind that intense physical activity causes a lot of stress to your body. Since high levels of stress lead to several undesired outcomes, such as reducing testosterone levels and weakening your immune system, reducing stress is always a good idea.

3. Absolute 4Endurance Pro

If you are serious about increasing your endurance and improving your athletic performance, you need to increase your VO2 max. Now, the only way to truly increase your VO2 max is with a structured training plan, but dietary supplements are a great boost to your training and allow you to train better and get better results.

If there is one supplement to increase VO2 max, Absolute 4Endurance Pro is the way to go.

  • Potent synergy of the best adaptogens on the market
  • Beta-alanine to reduce muscle acidity and increase endurance
  • Completely natural and highly efficient

Increasing VO2 max is not for everyone. If you don't take your trail running extremely seriously, you probably don't need to bother with VO2 max. But if you are looking for top performance, it is one of the most important factors to consider. 

For outstanding results and unparalleled endurance, trust in Absolute 4Endurance Pro.


Trail running requires proper nutrition to improve your performance and preserve your health and wellbeing. 

In terms of nutrition, you need to take care of proper fueling, muscle recovery after workout, and your immune system. You can also use dietary supplements to support various aspects of your performance, such as reducing stress levels and increasing your VO2 max.

The selection of the correct supplements for your needs depends on your athletic goals and the intensity of your exercise.

Hopefully this blog helped you to get a grasp of the available supplements, but you can find a lot more useful information in our blog section.

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