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Mutant Whey


Informed Choice certified whey protein. 100% doping-free — the product is guaranteed to contain exactly what is specified on the label.

  • Added digestive enzymes (no bloating or stomach issues)
  • Excellent taste and blending
  • 100% whey protein

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MUTANT WHEY is tasty and creamy, and blends perfectly! It is made of 100% whey protein from four different sources (whey protein concentrate, whey protein phospholipid concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate) and has an Informed Choice certificate, which guarantees that the product contains exactly what is specified on the label, while also being tested for prohibited substances in sports. Each serving (37 g) provides your body with 22 g of protein, 10.4 g of EAA (naturally present), and 5 g of BCAA (naturally present). Added digestive enzymes prevent bloating and stomach issues. They also help with protein absorption.

What is whey protein phospholipid concentrate? 

Whey protein phospholipid concentrate is a co-product of the whey protein isolate, acquired through microfiltration of the whey protein concentrate (WPC), a procedure that divides most undenatured whey protein from fat, lactose, and denatured whey proteins. Consequently, this concentrate does not contain lactose and is rich in lecithin, which has a positive influence on the immune system and improves memory.

  • 100% whey protein
  • 22 g of protein per serving
  • 10.4 g naturally present EAA and 5 g BCAA per serving
  • Added digestive enzymes (no bloating or sickness)
  • Informed Choice certificate (100% doping-free)
  • Completely honest labeling (no hidden ingredients)
  • Helps with post-workout recovery
  • Excellent creamy taste

Mix one scoop (ca 37 g) with two deciliters of water and drink in the morning or after exercise. 

100 g

1 serving (37 g)


1590 kJ/ 380 kcal 590 kJ / 140 kcal

Total Fat

6 g 2.2 g

Saturated Fat

4 g 1.5 g

Total Carbohydrates

20 g 8 g


10 g 4 g

Dietary Fiber

1.3 g 0.5 g


60 g 22 g


0.74 g 0.28 g
Calcium 320 mg 120 mg
Potassium 477 mg 180 mg
Iron 1.59 mg 0.6 mg

Dietary Supplement. Ingredients: blend of four sources of whey protein (whey protein concentrate (Milk), whey protein phospholipid concentrate (Milk), whey protein isolate (Milk), whey protein hydrolysate (Milk), medium-chain triglycerides powder (fractionated coconut oil, maltodextrin), cookies (enriched wheat flour [wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid], sugar, rapeseed oil, cocoa, salt, sodium bicarbonate),  thickener (guar gum), ‌natural and artificial aromas, emulsifier (sunflower and/or soy lecithin), salt, sweeteners (sucralose, potassium acesulfame, stevia leaf extract)), silicon dioxide, flavor enhancer (potassium citrate), cinnamon, enzymes (lactase, protease).

Want the Best Results? Pair Mutant Whey with These Must-Haves! 👇

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