20 x 25 g

Jelly Bar Box


20 delicious carbohydrate-rich jelly bars. They are easily digestible and provide fast energy during intense exercise.

  • 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio
  • 50% real fruit
  • No gelatin, no gluten

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Jelly Bar 4Energy is a great source of fast-acting sugars during intense exercise. It is based on real fruit (50%) and glucose to provide a natural source of energy with high absorption rates and without digestive issues.

Two types of carbohydrates

Jelly Bar 4Energy contains a combination of glucose and fructose in a 2:1 ratio, designed for high absorption rates without digestive issues.

50% fruit

Half of our delicious jelly bar is made of real fruit, which gives it a unique and fulfilling natural flavor.

No gelatin, no gluten

Jelly Bar 4Energy contains neither gelatin nor gluten, which makes it a great source of energy no matter what diet you follow.

Easily digestible

This delicious jelly bar is designed for high absorption without digestive issues. You can use it even during high-intensity exercise.

High absorption without digestive issues

The ingredients are optimized to provide the highest absorption rates and prevent digestive issues.

Natural and delicious

With real fruit backing its flavor, this juicy bar is sure to impress your taste buds! 

Use Jelly Bar 4Energy to fuel your exercise with a delicious, natural, and fruity source of energy!

  • Fast energy during intense exercise
  • Fruity and delicious (50% real fruit)
  • High absorption without digestive issues
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free

Consume during exercise.

Adjust intake to your energetic needs.


100 g

1 bar (25 g)


1373 kJ / 323 kcal 343.3 kJ / 80.8 kcal

Total Fat

0 g 0 g


0 g 0 g

Total Carbohydrate

80 g 20 g


74 g 18.5 g

Dietary Fiber

0 g 0 g


0 g 0 g
0.045 g 0.01 g

Dietary supplement.

Ingredients (lemon): fruit pulp, sugar, glucose, binding agent: apple pectin, acidulant: citric acid, spirulina, and safflower concentrate, natural flavors. No known allergens.

Ingredients (orange and cherry): fruit pulp, sugar, glucose, binding agent: apple pectin, acidulant: citric acid, elderberry concentrate, natural flavors. No known allergens.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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