Compression Trail Running Socks


First Wattsocks for runners, designed for dynamic terrain. The highest number of technologies in a single sock (nine altogether).

  • Patented graduated compression improves your circulation
  • Silicon stripes prevent slipping in your shoe
  • Elastic ankle support provides improved stability
  • Microlon material is resistant, comfortable, and soft

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      Compression trail running socks Wattsocks® provide increased ankle and heel stability. A fine sole enables better contact with the ground. Graduated compression stimulates optimal blood flow in your legs. Advanced microfiber technology makes your running experience soft and smooth.

    • Soft and comfortable
    • Stimulate better blood flow in your legs
    • Increased ankle and heel stability
    • Fine fabric enables better contact with the ground
    • No slipping
    • Your feet will breathe
    • No blisters or irritations
    • Long-lasting durability
    • Simple maintenance
    • Preserve elasticity after many washes
    • Nylon microfiber Microlon®
    • Graduated compression with 30 % regression towards the knee
    • Comfort top to reduce pressure
    • Mesh for maximal breathing
    • Reinforced elastic ankle area
    • Flat toe seam to prevent skin irritation
    • Additional heel padding
    • Silicon stripes prevent slipping
    • Flat sole for better contact

    48 % polyamide Microlon, 43 % polyamide, 7 % elastane, 2 % silicon

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