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Micronized Glutamine


Did you know that glutamine represents more than half of the amino acids in your muscles? Use this information to your advantage!

  • Increase your muscle gains after intense exercise
  • Improve your recovery, so you can train more often
  • Protect your muscles to achieve long-lasting strength

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The non-essential amino acid glutamine represents 20% of all amino acids in the blood plasma and 61% of amino acids in the skeletal muscles. Glutamine builds numerous tissues from muscle fibers to intestinal walls.

Mutant Glutamine is a fermented and micronized form of glutamine, produced according to USP standard (United States Pharmacopeia), which is clinically proven to improve recovery and have an anticatabolic effect. Its the perfect supplement to add to your post-workout shake.

  • Helps with recovery
  • Builds muscle mass
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Anticatabolic effect — prevents muscle degradation
  • 100% micronized fermented glutamine 
  • Pharma grade quality
  • No fillers

If you are in a caloric deficit:

Take One scoop before and one scoop after exercise.

When not training, take one scoop before breakfast and one scoop before sleep.

If you are in caloric surplus:

Take one scoop after exercise.

When not training, take one scoop before breakfast.

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: 100% pure USP Quality Fermented Micronised L-glutamine. Store in a cool, dry place. Net weight: 300 g.

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