Nutritional supplements for elite athletes

Nduranz produces nutritional supplements for elite athletes competing at the highest level of endurance and other sports. 

Their products have distinctive benefits

• Optimal combination of carbohydrates ✔️
• Advanced electrolyte mix ✔️
•  Dosing system with Nduranz Nrgy Unit ✔️

Do you want to take your sports nutriton to the highest level? Then take a look at the range of Nduranz products. 

What does Nduranz offer?

Optimal carbohydrate mix

Studies clearly show that two types of carbohydratesglucose and fructose – are needed for maximum energy absorption during intense exercise. This way, we can take advantage of both carbohydrate transporters in the body and increase carbohydrate absorption to 90 grams or more per hour. 

Many in-depth studies have led to the conclusion that the optimal glucose-to-fructose ratio is 1:0.8. 

Nduranz closely follows the results of this research. That’s why all their products are based on the optimal carbohydrate ratio

• The highest energy availability ✔️
• Intake of 90 grams or more per hour ✔️
• No gastrointestinal discomfort ✔️

A high absorption level means not only higher energy availability but also a significantly lower chance of digestive issues.

What does Nduranz offer?

Glucose and fructose

Nduranz products contain two types of carbohydrates. This allows higher absorption without gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Your body can absorb 30 grams of fructose and 60 grams of glucose per hour. If you rely on just one source of carbohydrates, then the upper limit of absorption is 60 grams per hour, and a higher intake can lead to digestive issues

A combination of glucose and fructose allows the body to use both carbohydrate transporters at the same time, increasing the absorption to 90 grams per hour without digestive issues.

Advanced electrolyte mix

Optimal hydration is crucial during intense exercise, maybe even more than energy intake. A body simply cannot function properly without the right electrolyte balance.

Unfortunately, most nutritional supplements don’t take into account the specific needs of an endurance athlete. That’s why they contain completely wrong ratios of electrolytes, which can have catastrophic consequences.

The advanced electrolyte mix in Nduranz products best mimics the minerals you lose through sweat during intense exercise.

• Maintain electrolyte balance in the blood ✔️
• Allow optimal functioning of the body ✔️
• Avoid gastrointestinal discomfort ✔️

An imbalance of electrolytes in your body will not only limit your body functions but will also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and digestive issues.

Nduranz electrolyte mix is designed for optimal hydration during intense exercise.

What does Nduranz offer?

Nrgy Unit System

Energy intake during exercise is a complex science. It requires a lot of attention if you want to optimize your performance, increase your fitness, and maintain your body’s health in the long term.

Nrgy Unit System is designed to simplify your energy intake to the point where you can trust the math and focus only on performing your workouts correctly and consistently.

In addition, the Nrgy Unit System allows you to combine different Nduranz products for energy intake during training, which is essential for tough races such as Ironman.

• Simple and precise energy intake during exercise ✔️
• Optimal energy level and body function ✔️
•  Personalised combination of different energy products ✔️

Nrgy Unit System is a game changer. Once you learn to use it and transfer it to your training, you will never look at sports nutrition the same way again.

What does Nduranz offer?

Dr. Tim Podlogar

Tim Podlogar is the Head of Product Development at Nduranz. His mark is visible in every product, as no product sees the light of day without his approval. 

His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sports nutrition got him a research position at the University of Birmingham, and he was also recruited by the professional cycling team Bora-hansgrohe.

Why trust Nduranz?

Nduranz shot to the top of the sports nutrition world shortly after its foundation. Ever since then, it has been boldly setting the benchmark that the rest of the sports nutrition world to follow.

• Products are based on scientific research, not marketing trends ✔️
• Each product undergoes a number of tests and a prototype period before being launched ✔️
• Products contain only the most quality ingredients ✔️

At Nduranz, they always have and always will follow the science. They put the well-being of athletes before profits, as they believe that only quality products can sustain themselves on the market in the long term.

What does Nduranz offer?

Nrgy Unit Drink

High level of energy, normal body functions, protection against muscle cramps, and no digestive issues. These are the necessary conditions for achieving top results. This is Nrgy Unit Drink.

• Two types of electrolytes for high absorption without digestive issues✔️
• Advanced electrolytes mix for optimal hydration and normal body functions✔️
• Simple, effective, and precise use with the Nrgy Unit System ✔️

Don’t neglect the importance of high-quality sports nutrition during intense exercise. It’s not just about your athletic performance. It’s about your health.

Nrgy Unit Gel

Energy gel is the basis of sports nutrition during exercise. Convenient and effective. However, most gels contain only a quarter of the recommended hourly intake for peak performance. Meet Nrgy Unit Gel.

• 45 grams of carbohydrates per gel, twice as much as other energy gels ✔️
• Contains electrolytes so that you can ensure optimal hydration during exercise ✔️
• Nrgy Unit System allows you to combine it with other Nrgy Unit products ✔️

Those who aim for the top have no time for compromise. Nrgy Unit Gel is not a compromise. Maximum energy content, superior absorption, flawless results.


If you do not take care of proper recovery after exercise, you will never achieve top results. That’s a fact. Is a nutritional supplement necessary for this? No. But it’s the most efficient.

• High content of two types of carbohydrates for rapid replenishment of glycogen stores ✔️
• The purest protein source, 90% whey protein isolate, for fast recovery and muscle growth ✔️
• All the necessary electrolytes for efficient rehydration, which is the basis for quick and efficient recovery ✔️

After successful recovery, your body is ready for new challenges. It is free from injury and illness and does not lack energy for training. Everything is as it should be. Take care of your recovery.

  Committed to science


Many manufacturers claim to follow science but then throw all sorts of unnecessary additives into their products, follow marketing trends, and ignore the actual research results. 

Nduranz is different. Their supplements are truly based on the latest discoveries in science, which is evident in their choice of ingredients and their ratios in products. This is confirmed by the results of athletes who use Nduranz products.


At Nduranz it’s not just about the result of the research carried out in hermetically sealed laboratories under conditions that do not reflect the real-life situation. 

Before they create a new product, they test their formulas in practice. What does this mean? It means that they lock themselves in their own laboratory, where they push their bodies to the point where the effect of each product can actually be measured. 

Then they put it all into practice in intense training sessions and races, where they monitor essential parameters, such as energy availability and the body’s response to each ingredient.


Every Nduranz product goes through a prototype stage. At this stage, the product is available to the general public, but it’s still under the strict control of Nduranz scientists. 

During this phase, all parameters related to the use of the product are closely and consistently monitored. Only those products that pass the testing on the general public with flying colors become part of the company’s regular product range.


Science is nothing else than searching for truth. Either through laboratory research, field testing, or observation of the effect on the general public. And that’s what Nduranz does. It persistently and uncompromisingly seeks the truth in the world of sports nutrition. 

Perhaps one day the truth will change, and we will discover more effective ratios, perhaps ingredients or a combination of ingredients that are unknown today. And then Nduranz will be exactly where it is today. At the forefront of innovation, face to face with the truth, whatever it may be.

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