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Compression socks Wattsocks - specialized socks are available in two sizes and are intended for the cyclist, runners, triathletes and other athletes. They are designed for improved recovery after sport workout.  Wattsocks are made in Italy with advanced technology and with premium materials in a company that has been involved in the design and manufacture of fabrics and textiles since 79. Because of that, they are perfect fit for every leg. Wattsocks compressions socks range from ankles to knees, meaning that they do not cover toes. This allows you to wear them in a combination with your favourite socks. The combination of polyamide fibers and elastane ensures that the sock fits perfectly with the anatomy of the foot without reducing the calf support. The advantage of polyamide is that despite its elasticity always returns to the original form, which prevents socks from stretching excessively and ensuring long-lasting products.  The synergy of these two materials is reflected in the extraordinary breathability and permeability of human sweat, which means that in a warmer weather conditions Wattsocks Compression socks will not be annoying to wear or distracting during exercise.

Premium compression socks that serve great for regeneration and recovery. The combination of premium materials ensures a perfect fit and comfortable wearing.

Official manufacturers page:

  • Two sizes S/M L/XL for optimum fit
  • Anatomical shape for a perfect fit
  • Mesh structure for comfort and ventilation
  • Top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship for outstanding durability
  • Mesh fabrics provide optimal control of heat and humidity
  • Suitable for wearing during sport activities
  • Made in Italy
  • For splendid recovery

U can use our socks even during exercise - they are made of a material that quickly removes moisture. To improve regeneration and recovery, use socks after a sports activity or during sleep to improve blood flow

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Best recovery

can only recommend them ... just the best I've ever had