The most popular energy gel

When we talk about energy intake, few energy gels are as popular as 4Energy. And it is not difficult to understand why:

• quick effect ✔️
• amazing freshness ✔️
• no digestive issues ✔️
• doesn't need water ✔️

If you are a runner, cyclist, or triathlete, the energy gel 4Energy is made just for you.

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Quick source of energy

The energy gel 4Energy is based on maltodextrin, a less sweet complex carbohydrate, and fructose.

It is a combination of two types of sugars, which together have much higher absorption than a single type of sugar. Why? Because this way they make use of both carbohydrate transporters in the body.

This also relieves the digestive tract, which drastically reduces chance of digestive issues.

• Quick energy access ✔️
• High absorption level ✔️
• No digestive issues ✔️

This is the energy gel 4Energy.

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No digestive issues

Perhaps you have already tried a gel and ended up hurting your digestion. We understand. That's why we have created the energy gel 4Energy.

Digestive issues are the most annoying consequence of many dietary supplements, especially energy gel, which are full of artificial sweeteners, glucose syrup, and with only a single type of carbohydrates.

The energy gel 4Energy doesn't cause digestive issues!

• Two types of carbohydrates ✔️
• No artificial sweeteners ✔️
• No magnesium ✔️

We had been waiting for a long time for an energy gel we could consume without fear. The wait was pointless. That's why we took control and created the energy gel 4Energy.

This is a gel you can trust.

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No water needed

One of the main benefits of an energy gel is its practicality. Full pockets of gels = plenty of energy.

Well, in theory. In practice, you need liters of water to wash down all the artificial sweeteners.

The energy gel 4Energy doesnt need water to be used!

This means you can take care of your energy intake as intended. Practical and efficient.

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Fresh and natural taste

The sweetener in the energy gel 4Energy is freshly-squeezed fruit juice. This is why this gel is natural, fresh, and mild.

You can choose between 6 fruit flavors!

Orange 🍊
Lemon 🍋
Apple 🍎
Pineapple 🍍
Mango 🥭
Tropical 🍹

One of the reasons why the energy gel 4Energy is so popular are its delicious flavors that you will never get tired of.

Can't make up your mind? Choose a MIX of all 6 flavors!

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Glucose and fructose

Your body can absorb 60 grams of glucose and 30 grams of fructose per hour. If you use only one source of carbs, your upper limit is 60 grams per hour, and a higher intake leads to digestive issues.

A combination of glucose and fructose enables the use of both carbohydrate transporters in the body, which increases absorption to 90 grams per hour without digestive issues.


There's a lot of talk about maltodextrin lately. Maybe you wonder why it's become so popular.

Maltodextrin is composed by glucose molecules, but it has lower concentration (osmolarity), which alleviates digestion. In comparison to glucose, it has better absorption and a less sweet taste in the mouth.

Furthermore, maltodextrin has an extremely high glycemic index, which is a huge benefit during intense exercise when you want your body to use as quickly as possible an external source of energy instead of its own glycogen stores.

Maltodextrin benefits:

• quick and efficient absorption ❗
• less sweet taste for better drinkability ❗
• doesn't cause stomach discomfort ❗

Regarding sugar intake, that is energy intake, maltodextrin is the best option. It is especially useful in combination with fructose, as it neutralizes its naturally sweet flavor.

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Maltodextrin is the best source of energy

This chart compares the increase in blood sugar levels after consumption of sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin, and isomaltulose.

As you can see, maltodextrin provides the highest spike in blood sugar levels, which translates into the quickest and highest absorption of energy.

Frequently asked questions

When should I use the 4Energy gel?

The energy gel 4Energy is intended for energy intake during intense exercise.

For best results consume 2 to 3 energy gels per hour of exercise.

Is this energy gel vegan friendly?

Yes, the energy gel 4Energy can be used by both vegetarians and vegans, as it doesn't contain any ingredients of animal origin.

What's the source of carbohydrates in the gel?

This gel contains a combination of maltodextrin and fructose.

This combination enables the use of both carbohydrate transporters in the body, which leads to better absorption and less digestive issues.

Does the gel cause digestive issues?

Many energy gels cause digestive issues, as they are full of artificial sweeteners and various additives and usually contain only one type of carbohydrates and incorrect concentrations of minerals.

The energy gel 4Energy contains maltodextrin and fructose, which use both carbohydrate transporters in the body, improving absorption and alleviating digestion.

Furthermore, the energy gel 4Energy does not contain artificial sweeteners, colorants, or flavor enhancers.

Who is 4Energy intended for?

Energy gels in general are intended for all endurance athletes and other athletes who need an energy intake during exercise.

The energy gel 4Energy is made specifically for athletes, and its main purpose is to provide a fast source of energy that is use to consume and doesn't cause digestive issues.

Why it is important that it doesn't need water?

If the energy gel is too dense, it is hard to consume, especially during intense exercise and when you need to consume several gels one after another.

Wash down gels with water is not practical, as you need to carry all that liquid with you. It is also not pleasant, as, especially during exercise, it is really annoying if a gel sticks in our mouth.

The energy gel 4Energy is liquid and refreshing, so you can consume it without issues even in larger quantities without the need for a liquid.

What is the difference between maltodextrin and glucose?

Maltodextrin is a chain of glucose molecules with a very high glycemic index (higher than glucose), which makes it an excellent source of quick energy during intense exercise.

Maltodextrin is less sweet than glucose, which is especially useful in combination with the naturally sweet fructose.

Maltodextrin has a lower concentration (osmolarity) than glucose, which positively influences your digestive tract.

Is 4Energy ok for young athletes?


The energy gel 4Energy does not contain artificial sweeteners, colorants, or flavor enhancers and contains an insignificant quantity of thickeners. Its flavor derives from the natural flavor of the juice. This makes it totally acceptable for children and young athletes.

However, you need to adjust the energy intake to the needs of the younger athletes, and we recommened the supervision of an adult person.

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