What equipment do I need to participate in the Zwift League?
Reading time: 5 min

What equipment do I need to participate in the Zwift League?

Reading time: 5 min
Ready for a Zwift League?
What equipment do I need to participate in the Zwift League?

The sun is still warm, but soon cyclists will be hiding from the cold between four walls. But the end of outdoor rides doesn't mean the end of the cycling season.

With the turbo trainer and the Zwift app, you can keep cycling all winter long, and this year you can add a little competition to your winter cycling, as 4Endurance is organizing a 6-week Zwift League.

Whether you train indoors or out, your body needs the right nutrition for the effort. Use our amazing offers and get stocked up with the nutritional supplements used by top amateurs and professionals alike.

What do I need for a perfect Zwift experience?

Indoor cycling doesn't have to be expensive, but you'll still need to spend some money if you want to get the most out of it.

Here's a look at everything you need for indoor cycling and all the extras you can get to improve your experience.

Basic equipement


KoloYou can also compete with a bike like this. It will be much slower, but the important thing is to participate, right?

It probably comes as no surprise that you need a bike for cycling. Zwift supports virtually all types of commonly used bikes that can be mounted on a trainer.

The most commonly used are the road bike, the time trail bike or the so-called hybrid bike. Some cyclists also use a mountain bike, but on wheel-on trainers it is recommended to replace the wide tire with a narrower one.

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TrenažerWheel-on trainer is the cheapest option, which allows participation but is also slightly less accurate as a result.

Without a trainer, the Zwift cycling is not possible. It holds your bike in place and lets you pedal endlessly without moving a single meter.

Turbo trainers also send your ride data to Zwift. As a result, they offer the best experience, as the trainer also responds to the inclines and possible winds in the game, and adjusts the resistance accordingly.

The other option is a wheel-on trainer, where the rear wheel is not removed, but the bike is fully mounted in the trainer. In most cases, to connect to the Zwift, it is necessary to purchase a speed sensor and a cadence sensor or power meter, which send data to the game.

The device

NapravaThe bigger the screen, the sweeter the victory ... or the more painful the loss.

Zwift is essentially a video game, so to use it you need a device to run it on. Zwift can be used on computers, tablets, phones and smart TVs.

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Additional equipment

Heart rate monitor

Srčni utripLearn how to use a heart rate monitor before your first race so you don't get as confused as the athlete in the picture.

A heart rate monitor is by no means mandatory for a good Zwift experience, but it does take it to the next level. By using it, you'll be able to monitor your heart rate during training or race, making it easier to control the level of intensity.

Speed and cadence sensor

A speed and cadence sensors are essential for riders with a trainer without a direct clamp.

For wheel-on trainer owners, cadence and speed sensors are a must-have. They send two key pieces of information to the game, which is used to calculate your power. It should be noted, however, that the calculations can be quite inaccurate, in which case the experience will be considerably worse.

If you have a turbo trainer, the speed and cadence sensor is less necessary but still not completely useless. It adds additional data to the game, especially cadence, which some trainers have problems with.

Power meter

Merilec močiThe most serious cyclists can also use a power meter.

Cyclists with a wheel-on trainer can use a power meter instead of a cadence and speed sensor. As a result, the need to calculate power is eliminated as it is measured by the power meter. The data obtained is therefore much more accurate, and the experience is considerably better.

Turbo trainer users can also benefit from a power meter. It further improves the data's accuracy, resulting in a few percent better Zwift experience.

Don't forget...

Food and drink

GelEven in the virtual world, energy gel is a better choice than beer and sausage.

Indoor cycling is usually shorter than cycling outdoors. But you shouldn't forget to eat and drink to supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function normally.

It is advisable to have at least one energy gel on hand to help you get through moments of crisis. In most cases, you probably won't use it, but it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

However, you'll definitely need a drink while you're cycling. Because of the increased sweating rate, you'll need even more than when cycling outdoors.

We recommend using an energy drink such as Nrgy Unit Drink to meet your energy needs as well as your hydration needs.

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VentilatorA fan doesn't have to be very modern, but it can be a little more modern than this.

If the wind cools you when you ride outdoors, you're not going to be so lucky indoors. So you have to make your own wind.

A fan is strongly recommended. There are special indoor cycling fans on the market that adapt to what is happening in the game. But, honestly, a standard fan, which is what you usually use to fight the summer heat, will do the job just fine.


BrisačaA towel is a must. Riding without a jersey is not.

A fan will help you reduce your body temperature and the amount of sweating. But the truth is, no matter how powerful your fan is, you'll still be sweating, and a towel will come in handy.

Again, there are special cycling towels available, but even a regular towel will do the job just fine..


PodlogaFinally, you'll be able to use that mat that's been sitting in the corner for a year.

We've already established that you can't avoid sweating while cycling. This means that despite your diligent towel wiping, at least a few drops will fall on the ground. The less you wipe, the bigger the puddle.

You probably don't like sweat puddles on your floor, so put a mat under your bike to keep the sweat off your hardwood floor.

Join the 4Endurance Zwift League

In autumn, 4Endurance is organizing the Zwift League in cooperation with VirtuSlo.

Six weeks of racing await you, where you will be able to compare yourself with other cycling enthusiasts. And to make sure you don't come to the races completely unprepared, we're also organizing group rides, where you'll get in shape, get to know the platform and chat with other riders.

As expected of any competition, there's a prize at the end for the best cyclists. At 4Endurance, we will reward the best individuals with a cash prize, and every rider will also receive a discount on Nduranz and 4Endurance Pro products.

If you want to join the best league on Zwift and put your cycling skills to the test, don't hesitate to sign up