Nrgy Unit System Nduranz Become the Master of Energy
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Master of Energy

Reading time: 4 min
Become the master of energy with the Nrgy Unit.
Nrgy Unit System Nduranz Become the Master of Energy

The Nrgy Unit will completely change your approach to the products you use during your workout.

Easy to use, consistently high energy levels, no digestive problems, now you can fully dedicate yourself to what you enjoy most — hours of uninterrupted suffering!

Sports nutrition during exercise

Nduranz products are known for their very specific benefits, such as the combination of glucose (maltodextrin) and fructose in a 1:0.8 ratio, which is recognized by modern science as the most effective ratio for optimal carbohydrate absorption without digestive problems, and their special blend of electrolytes, which replaces only the minerals you actually lose through sweat during intense exercise.

Nduranz is dedicated to creating the most efficient fueling products in the world of endurance sports nutrition. 

The comparison between the body of an endurance athlete and a car engine is quite fitting. If you don't provide your body with adequate energy during exercise — primarily carbohydrates — it simply won't be able to function. Just like a car will not work if you do not provide it with fuel.

Športna prehrana za vzdržljivostne športnikeNduranz products fuel cyclists, runners, triathletes, footballers, basketball players, hockey players, handball players, superheroes, and even our old van.

That's why it's essential to use good fuel (this is where the above-mentioned benefits of Nduranz products come into play), but of course, quantity is also crucial. Too little causes a drop in energy, and too much leads to digestive problems.

Add to this the need to combine different products, and fueling can suddenly become quite complicated. No wonder, then, that half of endurance athletes are gasping for energy and the other half are looking for a toilet.

If only there was a way to simplify this unnecessarily complicated process.

Oh, wait a minute, there is!

The Nrgy Unit allows you to become the master of energy during a hard workout!

The Nrgy Unit

Based on many personal experiences — the frustration of "bonking" or hitting a wall and the panic of searching for the nearest bush — the experts at Nduranz took it upon themselves to solve this problem.

The company is known for testing its products in practice (with the CEO at the helm), as they are a group of sports enthusiasts who wanted to make good products for themselves in the first place.

They understood that the amount of fuel consumed, combined with the right ingredients and proportions, was the only way to consistently perform better and avoid digestive problems.

Testiranje športne prehraneGuys, have you seen a toilet anywhere?

In a sort of "eureka" moment, a simple solution came to their mind.

What if they created a unit that powers all their products, completely removing the possibility of human error?

The sparks flew and they made a decision. They locked their scientists in a basement until they came up with the optimal unit that would change the world of sports nutrition.

When Nduranz developed the Nrgy Unit System, it became clear that all their carbohydrate-based during-workout products had to use the energy unit.

This led to a product line that is simple, effective and, to top it all, tastes great.

  • Nrgy Unit Drink is the flagship product of the line, found in the bottle of every serious endurance athlete.
  • Nrgy Unit Drink 90 is its bigger brother, tailored for a more concentrated energy intake — best fuel for races!
  • Nrgy Unit Gel is a true miracle, as squeezing 45 grams of carbs into a single gel was so difficult that Nduranz almost caused the universe to implode.

How can I benefit from the Nrgy Unit?

The Nrgy Unit is designed to provide optimal energy intake during intense exercise.

The Nrgy Unit has a number of benefits:

  • You will become the master of energy
  • Tracking your energy intake during exercise will no longer be a mathematical feat
  • You won't run out of energy thanks to proper fueling
  • Digestive problems will no longer ruin your day
  • You will be able to combine different products with ease

Optimalna energija med vadboWith the Nrgy Unit, you can avoid all the pitfalls and ensure optimal energy intake without digestive problems.

All you need to do is determine the number of Nrgy Units needed based on the intensity and duration of your workout.

Avoid fueling mistakes with the Nrgy Unit!

Of course, an Nrgy Unit is only worth as much as the products based on it.

Which products are based on the Nrgy Unit?

Nrgy Unit Drink

Nrgy Unit Drink is an isotonic sports drink with carbohydrates and electrolytes that has fueled many top-level endurance athletes to career-changing results

Benefits of Nrgy Unit Drink:

  • Optimal carbohydrate ratio
  • Electrolytes that you actually lose through sweat
  • Easy dosing with the Nrgy Unit
  • An easy way to fuel your body during exercise
  • Great natural taste with no artificial ingredients
Športni napitek z ogljikovimi hidrati in elektrolitiBullseye ... Almost.

Nrgy Unit Drink 90

Nrgy Unit Drink 90 is an alternate version of Nrgy Unit Drink, designed specifically for the most energy-hungry athletes during their most intense efforts.

Benefits of Nrgy Unit Drink 90:

  • All the benefits of a regular Nrgy Unit Drink
  • 90 grams of CHO per bottle
  • Adapted flavor for a more concentrated energy intake
  • Optimal fuel for high-intensity workouts

Nrgy Unit Gel

Nrgy Unit Gel is a true marvel in the world of sports nutrition, containing an incredible 45 grams of carbohydrates per gel.

Benefits of Nrgy Unit Gel:

  • High carbohydrate availability
  • Optimal electrolyte mix
  • The most practical energy in your pocket

Nrgy Unti GelPreparing for the beauty contest!

Master of Energy

The Nrgy Unit is the simplest way to become the master of energy during your endurance workouts.

It allows you to easily determine and dose your energy intake during low or high-intensity exercise.

In addition, you can combine any of the products that use Nrgy Unit  Nrgy Unit Drink, Nrgy Unit Drink 90, Nrgy Unit Gel — without worrying about digestive issues.

Design your ideal fuel for your workout.

Let suffering become a pleasure!