Prepare your immune system

An athlete's immune system is always under stress because of hard training sessions and difficult races. For this reason, a strong and healthy immune system is essential for you. Surely you'd like:

• faster recovery and more energy,
• less infections, injuries, and illness,
• good health and well-being.

How can you prepare your immune system for the intense efforts of endurance sports? Immuno capsules are the solution.

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High micronutrient content

Many dietary supplements contain ingredients that in inadequate quantities and combinations can be useless or even harmful.

Immuno si different. It provides high quantity and correct combinations of micronutrients you need for a strong and healthy immune system.

• Vitamin C: 500 mg (625% RDA*)
• Vitamin D: 2000 IU (1000% RDA*)
• Zinc: 50 mg (500% RDA*)
• Quercetin: 250 mg
• Elderberry extract: 300 mg
• Spirulina: 100 mg

Immuno is designed for athletes, and the content of micronutrients is adapted to your needs.

*You don't need to worry about the high intake. Immuno is adapted for athletes, who have significantly higher micronutrient requirements.

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High absorption

What good are all those fancy ingredients if their absorption is poor? That's the sad truth of many supplements.

If a dietary supplement doesn't contain a ionophore, the vitamins and mineral won't be able to enter the cell and realize their effect.

What's a ionophore?

It's a compound that assists micronutrients in entering the cell to prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria.

To perform this function in Immuno is quercetin, so you can expect the highest possible absorption of micronutrients.

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By regulating oxidative stress, quercetin improves athletic performance. Due to its numerous positive effects, Immuno capsules contain 250 mg of quercetin per serving.

• Reduces oxidative stress
• Reduces inflammations
• Lowers high blood pressure
• Regulates blood sugar levels

An increasing number of research demonstrates the positive effects of quercetin on athletic performance. No wonder quercetin is increasingly more popular among athletes.

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Best form of zinc

Did you know that many athletes suffer from zinc deficiency? Great mistake. In regards to athletic performance, zinc is essential. It also has other positive effects, such as:

• riduces inflammations,
• supports healthy immune system,
• neutralizes harmful free radicals.

Immuno contains 50 mg of zinc bisglycinate. Research confirms that this is the most efficient form of zinc because it:

• doesn't irritate the stomach,
• has excellent biological value
• enables best absorption.

Do you want to improve your athletic performance? Provide to your body the most efficient form of zinc.

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Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Immuno contains a high content of vitamin C and D. These two vitamins have an important role in your immune response to virus and chronic infections.

• Vitamin C is an antioxidant that influences heart health and strengthens the immune system. Immuno contains 500 mg of vitamin C.
• Vitamin D influences the concentration of minerals in your blood, which affects the health of your bones, teeth, and muscles. Immuno contains 2000 IU of vitamin D.

The vitamins in Immuno have a high absorption rate, which means you'll get the maximum effect.

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Elderberry and spirulina

Immuno is rounded out with two excellent ingredients that take care of the product's complete effect. These are elderberry and spirulina.

• The elderberry is an excellent antioxidant, which among other things reduces inflammations and alleviates symptoms of flu and cold.
• Spirulina reduces the levels of glucose, has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports the immune system, and reduces the side effects of allergies.

Immuno capsules provide an efficient combination of micronutrients, which contributes to a healthy and strong immune system.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the immune system so important for an athlete?

The immune system is important for everyone. But even more so for an athlete because your immune system is much more stressed due to strenuous exercise.

The drop in your immune system is the last thing you want. Consequences are very serious and can lead to malaise, injuries, illnesses, and chronic diseases.

How does Immuno help me strengthen my immune system?

Immuno contains all the micronutrients needed in high doses and in the right combinations.

First and foremost, we are talking about vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, which are essential for a healthy and strong immune system.

Why does Immuno have better absorption than similar products?

The main reason is quercetin, which (among other things) acts as an ionophore in the product.

What is an ionophore?

It is a compound that helps micronutrients to penetrate the cell where they can exert their effect.

Immuno also contains zinc bisglycinate, which is the form of zinc with the best absorption in the gut.

Zinc bisglycinate is chelated zinc, which has up to 43% better absorption than zinc citrate and zinc gluconate. In addition, it maintains the concentration in the blood for a long time.

Can Immuno capsules cause stomach discomfort?

No. Immuno contains zinc bisglycinate, which is gentle on the stomach.

It is a chelated mineral that is designed to be soluble and stable in the acidic pH of the stomach, and consequently does not cause the stomach discomfort that can sometimes be experienced when consuming minerals.

Can excessive daily intake of minerals and vitamins be dangerous?

No. Immuno capsules exceed the recommended daily intake of certain micronutrients, but the amounts are far from dangerous.

The recommendations are given for the average person and do not take into account the many factors that influence intake requirements.

One such factor is physical activity. It is important to realise that athletes require higher amounts of micronutrients for normal body function.

However, in summer, if you are exposed to a lot of sun, you can reduce your intake from three to one or two capsules a day.

Is Immuno only for athletes?

Immuno capsules have been designed with athletes and their needs in mind, but that doesn't mean they are not suitable for the rest of the population.

A daily intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for everyone. That is why Immuno capsules can also be used by people who are not regularly active. The latter can reduce their daily dose to one capsule per day.

What is the function of elderberry in Immuno?

Elderberry is added to Immuno for its antiviral properties. It has been proven to reduce cold symptoms as well as flu symptoms.

Elderberry makes a key contribution to improving your immune system, while at the same time reducing symptoms if illness does occur.

When should I take Immuno?

To benefit from the positive effects of Immuno, you should take it regularly.

You should take two to three capsules daily with a meal containing fat and sufficient water. Vitamin D needs a fat source for absorption.

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