6 Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Exercise for Women
Reading time: 4 min

6 Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Exercise for Women

Reading time: 4 min
Find out why more and more women love cycling.
6 Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Exercise for Women

It's no secret or big news that increasingly more women love cycling. It's a simple fact that places female cyclists alongside men both at the recreational and professional level.

There are several reasons why women choose this fast, wind-in-the-hair sport, and every woman has her own. But there are also universal reasons. Reasons that give cycling an edge compared to other sports.

Let's look at 6 reasons why every woman should cycle.

1. Boost your health

Cycling is a sport and every sport activity improves your fitness level over time. It also preserves the youth of your heart and, well, soul.

Research shows that 30 minutes of cycling each day positively affects your cardiovascular system. If you don't have time to train every day, you can replace your car with a bike when going to work or to the store, keeping your body in motion.

Each minute counts. Each minute of movement, as cliché as that sounds, will get your blood flowing. Technically speaking, it will increase oxygen flow to your vital organs, which is essential for their (and your) function.

Furthermore, cycling is a sport recommended by medicine if you have problems with your knees or are recovering after injury. The bicycle seat supports 70% of your weight, which alleviates significantly the strain on your joints during moderate cycling.

2. Strengthen your body

Cycling activates all the main muscle groups in your body. Obviously, your leg muscles are under most strain, as they perform a large part of the work. But don't ignore the effort put in by your abdominal and back muscles, which stabilize your body and maintain balance while you ride.

Yes, you can in fact shape your belly, to a certain degree, with cycling. This comes useful if you're not the greatest fan of sit-ups. Other muscles that work during cycling are your arm and shoulder muscles, which enable a firm grip of the steering wheel.

Other tiny muscles also join the party. Some of them you might feel for the first time once you sit on a bike once or twice.

Keep up with cycling and your body will be grateful and your physique will get a cyclist's flair. But if you want to boost your progress even more, check out these basic strength exercises.

3. Hang out and meet new people

Cycling is so popular that you might find company on your standard route while indulging in your afternoon ride.

With a little initiative, you can join an association or a club that unites cyclists with similar interests, who love group rides and wind in their hair.

Another excellent way to meet new people is to participate in an organized recreational cycling event.

4. It's environment-friendly

Cycling is a type of sport and transport with no carbon footprint. So, if you're a cyclist at heart, leave those car keys at home and use your bicycle to get around.

This will allow you to take care of yourself and your environment, while also saving some change for a cup of coffee with your friends.

And during traffic jams, the bike has often proven itself to be the fastest means of transport.

5. Discover nature

By using a bicycle, you can discover those narrow, unpopulated roads and paths that you would never use in your car.

Kolesarjenje v naraviCycling allows you to enjoy wonderful views.

And don't forget, nature looks a lot prettier when viewed from a bike rather than your car. There are so many wonderful places you can reach much faster than you'd think. You can put that to good use after a tiring day at work, for a Sunday trip, or even a romantic date.

6. Everyone can do it

Anyone can cycle. The young and the elderly. Women and men. Children. Even people with reduced mobility.

Hand bikes are increasingly accessible. They can be used by people with reduced mobility or the elderly who have problems with their joints and hips.

Even people with poor eyesight are taken care of, as there are numerous organizations which provide the opportunity to ride a two person bicycle in the company of an experienced cyclist who takes care of safety on the road.

But what about safety?

As much as I hate to admit it, the increasing numbers of cyclists on the road increases the number of car drivers annoyed by the cycling community.

It's a sad fact that you must take into account and be aware that on the road, we are the weak link.

This means sometimes you should reduce speed even if you have the right of way, and double check if you are safe to proceed.

Kolesarjenje v prometuWhen you are on the road, prudence is advisable.

Fortunately, statistical data shows that the number of cycling accidents is still relatively low and by no means outdoes the several benefits of cycling.

The best thing you can do to stay safe is be prudent, follow the traffic rules, and choose less-busy roads.


Cycling is an extremely useful and fun sport with numerous benefits for your health and fitness.

You will enjoy cycling even more if you take care of proper nutrition for cyclists.

When on the road, be careful and follow the traffic rules. Even better, ride straight into nature.

If you want company, join a cycling association or club.

See you on the bike.

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