Natural Supplement Absolute: You Can Increase Your VO2 Max
Reading time: 5 min

Natural Supplement Absolute: You Can Increase Your VO2 Max

Reading time: 5 min
Leave your opponents behind.
Natural Supplement Absolute: You Can Increase Your VO2 Max

Can my VO2 max increase? What do I need to do to reach the desired value?

Two questions many endurance athletes face, especially those who want to improve their performance and beat their competition. But VO2 max has a dark side. It doesn't increase by itself. Instead, it works with gravity and decreases with time.

Training is the primary factor to increase your VO2 maxWithout a correct training plan, your VO2 max will stagnate and eventually plummet. There is no supplement able to raise your VO2 max while you are sitting on your couch. You have to work for it.

But training alone will not allow you to unleash your full VO2 max potential. There is a limit at the upper ceiling that training alone cannot break. This is where dietary supplements kick in, which allow you to break the ceiling and unleash your full potential.

And the best dietary supplement to increase your VO2 max is Absolute 4Endurance Pro.

Why endurance athletes should use Absolute?

Many people believe dietary supplements are not necessary and you can achieve the same results "naturally". This opinion usually changes when during an intense training session the first Absolute user passes you by, still fresh and smiling, while you are hardly breathing.

Absolute contains natural ingredients. Adaptogens, such as rhodiolaashwagandhaactiginand cordyceps, increase your oxygen flow. This way, the blood entering your muscles contains more oxygen, and with the help of the amino acid beta-alanine, also present in Absolute, it reduces the buildup of lactic acid, thus potentially delaying muscle fatigue and allowing longer intervals of high intensity exercise.

There is also a change in the lungs. Blood that is able to absorb more oxygen helps you to breathe easier and delays breathlessness.
Absolute - dodatek za povečanje VO2 maxAbsolute is a highly efficient, 100% natural VO2 max booster. 

More oxygen in your body also positively influences the efficiency of your ATP energy, which plays an essential role in muscle contraction and the transport of the nervous impulse. This means that by using Absolute, you will be able to train for longer, and due to the improvement of your nervous communication, your movements will be better coordinated and your activity more efficient.

To sum up, Absolute helps you in numerous areas related to the improvement of your athletic performance and the increase of your VO2 max. And all these pile up.

Who is Absolute for?

Listen, Absolute is not for every endurance athlete out there.

It was created for the most dedicated, active, and determined athletes who want to break their limits and reach unexplored heights.

Absolute is a supplement for the most ambitious athletes. 

VO2 max is one of the crucial factors determining the efficiency of an endurance athlete. The longer you can work at high intensity, the better your results will be. Simple math. This results in improving your personal record, feel better during hard training sessions, or finally getting that victory you always wanted.

Absolute is the ideal dietary supplements for athletes who have been training at the top of their abilities and need support to reach the next level. 

Our lab tests demonstrate that Absolute may increase your VO2 max by up to 6%, a considerable amount when you're going head to head with your competition. It might not seem much to you, but at the top, small margins make all the difference.

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Who is Absolute not for?

Absolute is a top-grade product, but we still don't recommend it to everyone.

Athletes have different goals. Some of us strive for best results in competition, others simply want to be in better shape, while others still want to boost their health and be in touch with nature.

Different goals demand different paths.

Absolute is not a dietary supplement for all endurance athletes.

We don't recommend Absolute to athletes who don't care that much about endurance and results or don't train following a training plan. Not that they couldn't benefit from it, it's just that Absolute truly shines when you keep pushing yourself to the limit.

We also don't recommend Absolute to children. Adaptogens influence the hormonal processes in the body, which could affect a child's growth and development. That's why it's safer to start using adaptogens once you are fully grown.

We also don't recommend Absolute to pregnant women. Since adaptogens influence the hormonal function, which is unpredictable and crucial during pregnancy, you are better off not to mess with it.

How to use Absolute?

Don't think you can take Absolute once and feel the difference. Adaptogens need to be loaded in your body.

What does it mean?

It means you need to take Absolute regularly, day after day, even when not training. This way, the adaptogens will load in your body, and you will start feeling their full effect. Usually it takes 21 days to reach the full effect, but to keep it up, you should continue using Absolute.

But attention! 

As with all adaptogens, you should stop taking Absolute after a period of time and give your body the time to flush all adaptogens from the body and get ready for another loading round. 
Absolute - naravni dodatek za zvišanje VO2 maxTo gain its full effect, you need to load Absolute in your body for at least 2 weeks. 

Whenever you take adaptogens, you should keep in mind the cycles. One cycle is 21 days. We recommend 2 cycles of Absolute for a total of 42 days, followed by a 14-day break. After the break, you can start loading adaptogens again.

This means that you need to time your initial intake of Absolute. In other words, it should be no later than 21 days before you want to achieve peak performance, but at the same time not so early that you must break the cycle before the event. 


Absolute is the best support to break your limits and get to a higher level. But it is not a miracle pill that will increase your VO2 max without effort. It only works in combination with training, which is still the crucial factor for success.

Absolute works due to the adaptogens, such as rhodiolaashwagandhaactigin, and cordycpes and the amino acid beta-alanine. Together they reduce muscle acidityincrease oxygen flowand improve ATP energy use

This means that you can work longer at high intensity during training or race and reach your peak performance. 

Absolute is intended for the most active athletes, who wish to reach that higher level of performance and maximize their VO2 max. If your goal is to simply stay healthy and spend some quality active time in nature, Absolute may not be your cup of tea (pun intended). It's use is also don't recommended to children and pregnant women. 

Finally, Absolute must be used regularly to reach its full effect. This effect is reached after 21 days of regular use. You should take a break from Absolute after two full cycles (42 days) to remove all adaptogens from your body.