The 5 Crucial Dietary Supplements for Tennis Players
Reading time: 5 min

The 5 Crucial Dietary Supplements for Tennis Players

Reading time: 5 min
Support your efforts on the tennis court with proper nutrition.
The 5 Crucial Dietary Supplements for Tennis Players

Tennis is a sport characterized by bursts of extreme intensity which can extend over several hours. As such, tennis is a physically very demanding sport that may put a lot of stress on your body.

To improve your performance in tennis and preserve your health in the long run, you should take care of proper sports nutrition, which includes a reasonable approach to dietary supplements.

In this blog, you will discover the 5 supplements we recommend to all tennis players.

1. 4Energy Gel

Tennis takes a lot of energy. If you let your glycogen stores run out during the game because you neglect proper nutrition, you not only ruin your performance in that game but also considerably endanger your health in the long run.

While you are generally advised to avoid sugar, this does not hold true in a tennis match. Take care of your glycogen stores, and your body will thank you.

The most practical way to take care of your carbohydrate intake during tennis is with an energy gel that you can quickly consume whenever the game stops.

Energy Gel 4Energy 4Endurance4Energy Gel is a uniquely refreshing source of energy with a combination of maltodextrin and fructose and added electrolytes.

While there are a variety of energy gels available, and you can check out our top 3 recommendations here, the energy gel we can recommend to any athlete is 4Energy Gel — characterized by a uniquely fresh taste and high absorption rates that don't cause digestive issues, this energy gel will keep you properly fueled throughout your match.

Keep your energy levels high during the match with a high-quality energy gel.

2. Nrgy Unit Drink

During a tennis match, your energy levels are crucial. But another essential factor is hydration. If you don't take care of proper hydration, you invite all sorts of problem to ruin your game and set you on a downwards spiral.

Take care of your hydration!

But hydration is more than simply drinking water. In fact, by drinking too much water, you actually negatively impact your hydration, as water washes away the electrolytes in your blood.

To stay hydrated, you need to consume fluid and electrolytes. You can do that by mixing electrolyte tablets with water, but if you want to get it all in one stroke, an isotonic sports drink can take care both of energy and hydration.

Isotonic Sports Drink Nrgy Unit Drink NduranzNrgy Unit Drink is the most efficient sports drink on the market with the optimal combination of carbohydrates and an advanced mix of electrolytes.

And if there is one isotonic sports drink we recommend, it's Nrgy Unit Drink by Nduranz. The optimal combination of carbohydrates and the advanced electrolyte mix will make sure your energy is high and your electrolytes active. You will also avoid digestive issues and prevent muscle cramps.

Take care of both your energy levels and hydration with an isotonic sports drink.

3. Regen

The match might be over, but your nutrition is not.

Many athletes neglect the importance of muscle recovery, and that's a huge mistake that has major negative effects on your long-term health and athletic performance.

If you want to remain active as a tennis player, learn how to take care of proper muscle recovery.

While physical rest after a match is obviously important, muscle recovery is really all about nutrition. Your body desperately needs carbohydrates to refill energy levels, protein to repair the muscles, and minerals to rehydrate the body.

While all these nutrients could be obtained with food, it is really difficult to have an appropriate recovery meal ready as soon as you need it, which is within 30 minutes after exercise.

Recovery Drink Regen NduranzWhen it's time to recover, Regen is there for you.

That's why tennis players choose Regen, a recovery drink that contains all the nutrients you need to trigger optimal muscle recovery.

Believe us, proper recovery makes all the difference and is in our opinion the main reason why some tennis players can play several grueling matches in a week, while others need only one match to lie down sore and broken.

Take care of proper muscle recovery after the match with a recovery drink.

4. Pro Flex

If you play tennis, you've probably noticed that your repetitive movements cause problems with your joints and ligaments, especially on the side of your body where you hold the racket!

With all those heavy strokes and unpredictable sprints, your joints may soon find themselves in a world of hurt.

The problem is exacerbated with age, as your natural collagen production slows down.

But if joint pain makes you want to quit tennis, there is a solution.

Collagen Formula Pro Flex 4Endurance ProBoost your natural collagen production with this advanced collagen formula.

You can boost your natural collagen production with Pro Flex, an advanced collagen-based formula with vitamins C and D that supports the health and strength of your muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints.

Of course, it's not a miracle potion. No supplement can magically make all the pain go away, but the sooner you start, the more likely it is that your joints will not only recover but become stronger than ever before.

And if you want to enjoy tennis at an older age, as many of us do, than taking care of your joints is the main path to get there.

Protect your joints and ligaments before it's too late.

5. Loaded

Any intense exercise causes a lot of stress to your body, and tennis is no exception.

All those hours running up and down the court may have several benefits for your long-term health, but they are also a challenge your body must overcome. And if the stress levels get out of control, your immune system will drop and your health will suffer.

Maybe you didn't know, but stress levels and the immune system are strongly correlated, and if you want to avoid health issues, it's best if you take care of both at the same time.

How should you that?

Well, there's an almost infinite amount of vitamins and minerals out there, and all of them can offer you some benefits. But if you're looking to get all the vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and reduce stress levels with a single supplements, Loaded is the supplement for you.

Loaded Vitamins, Minerals, Adaptogens — 4Endurance ProBoost your immune system and improve your performance with Loaded, an advanced formula of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens.

Why do we prefer Loaded to other supplements?

It contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and that's a great start, but also nothing really special. What's special about Loaded is that it also contains adaptogens, which are amazing plants with crucial benefits in dealing with stress and increasing mental energy.

Don't neglect your immune system. It's the base of your performance.


Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires a correct approach to sports nutrition if you want to preserve your health and athletic performance.

Take care of your energy levels during the match with energy gels or isotonic sports drink.

After the match, take care of muscle recovery, preferably by using a high-quality recovery drink.

Support the health of your joints and ligaments by boosting your natural collagen production.

Finally, don't neglect your immune system, which is essential to preserve your longevity in this sport.