Who are they?

Boosting performance with medicine.

At VerticalMed Tyrol, they’re dedicated to using the latest scientific discoveries. Their decisions and treatments follow the best standards and the newest research in medicine.

They concentrate on the individual needs of each patient to ensure optimal health and performance. Understanding the specific requirements and demands of athletes, they provide tailored care aimed at maximizing their performance and preventing injuries.

What do they do exactly?

VerticalMed Tyrol uses your personal data and blood analysis to create a customized plan for your nutrition, training, and supplements.

This approach is designed to address nutrient deficiencies, enhance performance, maintain and promote overall health, and improve recovery abilities.

Their expertise ensures a safe and effective use of supplements, avoiding health risks, reduced performance, or doping violations.

VerticalMed Tyrol provides specialized professional support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Our collaboration

This partnership amplifies our shared vision of delivering top-tier support to athletes, ensuring you have access to up-to-date products and content.

This collaboration is about offering reliable, proven solutions for your sports performance and health needs. You can always turn to us with any questions and get top-tier support from one of the best on the field.

We're thrilled to bring this collaboration to you, ensuring you benefit from our combined strengths in delivering exceptional support for your athletic and wellness journey.