Why is Regen better than your recovery drink?

• Cause it respects the latest reserach ✔️
• Cause it's based on optimal ratios ✔️
• Cause it contains the best ingredients ✔️

If you want more energy, more strength, and more well-being after intense exercise and difficult training sessions, choose the recovery drink Regen.

Regen is the result of most modern reserach and the dedication of the Nduranz company, for which your health and performance are the top priority.

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Optimal recovery based on science

You know how important recovery after exercise is. But maybe you don't know what it takes for optimal recovery.

1️⃣ The correct carbohydrate ratio stimulates quick replenishment of the glycogen stores in your body. The result? Less fatigue after training and plenty more energy the next day. ✔️

2️⃣ The best source of protein leads to a quicker regeneration of damaged muscles and accelerates their adaption to exercise or, in simple terms, their growth. Strong muscles without pain? Great! ✔️

3️⃣ All this is not enough if you don't restore the electrolyte balance in your blood. The electrolytes are responsible for the regular function of your body. Optimal rehydration? Yes, please! ✔️

You can take care of recovery after exercise with food or other recovery drink. But most likely your recovery won't be optimal. If you want optimal recovery, choose Regen.

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Optimal carbohydrate mix

Are you tired after exercise? Are your performance and motivation to train declining? You have failed to replenish your glycogen stores.

Research clearly shosw that the most efficient way to replenish your glycogen stores after intense exercise is supplementing two types of carbohydratesglucose and fructose. This allows you to use both carbohydrate transporters in your body and simultaneously replenish both muscle and liver glycogen.

David S. Rowlands has proven that the recovery after exercise is best achieved by ingesting a combination of glucose and fructose in the 1:0.8 ratio.

• High level of absorption ✔️
• Quick glycogen replenishment ✔️
• No digestive issues ✔️

The carbohydrate ratio in the recovery drink Regen allows you to quickly restore your energy levels after exercise. Now you are prepared for your next challenge.

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Dr. Tim Podlogar

Tim Podlogar is also quite a hardcore amateur cyclist, who wanted to take care of optimal recovery for himself. The result is the recovery drink Regen.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sports nutrition got him a research position at the University of Birmingham, and he was also recruited by the professional cycling team Bora-hansgrohe.

The purest source of protein

Do your muscles hurt after an intense training session? Can you barely move the next day? Do you lack strength? You must improve the quality of your protein source.

Maybe you didn't know that as an endurance athlete you need more protein than somebody who lifts weights. The reason is that after intense endurance exercise your muscles are exhausted and starving.

Only the highest quality protein source that contains all necessary amino acids can efficiently feed your damaged muscles.

The recovery drink Regen contains whey protein isolate 90. It is the purest source of protein you can ingest. Your muscles will be grateful.

• Complete amino acid spectrum ✔️
• Low quantity of fat ✔️
• Doesn't burden the digestive system ✔️

You will feel the quality of this isolate the moment you try it. Lightness in your stomach and strength in your muscles will become your inspiration to push even harder.

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Advanced electrolyte mix

Do you have a headache after exercise, can't quench your thirst, and have a weird feeling in your body? These are the effects of poor rehydration.

Optimal rehydration after intense exercise is a key element of recovery. Without a healthy electrolyte balance, your body can't function properly.

The advanced electrolyte mix in the recovery drink Regen replaces all the minerals you lost with sweat during exercise.

• Restore the electrolyte balance in your blood ✔️
• Allow optimal functioning of the body ✔️
• Avoid gastrointestinal discomfort ✔️

An imbalance of electrolytes in your body will strongly limit your body functions and negatively impact your recovery.

With the advanced Nduranz electrolyte mix you will take care of optimal rehydration. Now you can take on your day fresh and full of energy.

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Why trust Nduranz?

Nduranz shot to the top of the sports nutrition world shortly after its foundation. Ever since then, it has been boldly setting the benchmark that the rest of the sports nutrition world to follow.

• Products are based on scientific research, not marketing trends ✔️
• Each product undergoes a number of tests and a prototype period before being launched ✔️
• Products contain only the most quality ingredients ✔️

At Nduranz, they always have and always will follow the science. They put the well-being of athletes before profits, as they believe that only quality products can sustain themselves on the market in the long term.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need carbs for recovery?

Many believe that after exercise you need proteins. That's true. Proteins are an important part of recovery, as they feed your muscles.

But their effect will be vastly reduced if your body doesn't have energy, which it gets from carbohydrates.

After exercise, especially endurance exercise that lasts several hours, your glycogen stores will be more or less empty. This means your body will have no energy.

A carbohydrate intake immediately after exercise allows your glycogen store to replenish, which means more energy, better adaptation to exercise, and a greater effect of the consumed proteins.

Why do I need electrolytes for recovery?

During exercise you lose minerals aka electrolytes in your sweat. Their balance is crucial for the correct fucntions of your body, which includes recovery, adaptation to exercise, and your body's primary functions.

A correct electrolyte mix after exercise restores this balance.

When to ingest Regen?

The ideal period for recovery is within 30 minutes after exercise, as that's when your body is most ready to absorb nutrients.

Regen contains plenty of sugar. Will it make me gain weight?

Regen contains approximately 25 grams of sugar per serving. The quantity is not excessive, but the question makes sense.

After intense exercise, your body needs sugar to replenish its glycogen stores. The sugar it uses to replenish glycogen stores won't be stored as fat.

Nevertheless, a serving of Regen is rich in calories, so you should take that into account when calculating your daily calorie intake.

By itself, Regen won't make you gain weight, but combined with an excessive calorie intake, it definitely can.

I don't like the taste of recovery drinks. Will I like Regen?

Taste, obviously, is a matter of personal preference. We can't guarantee you will like Regen.

What we can say, though, is that Nduranz puts a lot of emphasis on the taste of their products.

Regen is very popular also due to its full, rich taste that for many athletes represents a well-deserved treat after a hard training session.

How can you claim Regen is better than other recovery drinks?

It comes down to simple logic, really, based on science and confirmed by amateur and professional athletes who use Regen.

Most recovery drinks simply don't contain the correct ingredients and ratios to provide optimal recovery.

What's the difference between whey concentrate and isolate?

The isolate contains less lactose and fats. It's the purest source of whey protein that you can consume without digestive issues even if you are lactose intolerant.

Is Regen appropriate for younger athletes?


Regen is no different than any other meal a child can consume after exercise. In fact, it is better than most, as it contains exactly the nutrients required for optimaly recovery.

Nevertheless, keep in mind the intake should be adapted to the child's needs, so we recommend adult supervision.

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