Best Supplement to Boost Immune System for Sports
Reading time: 4 min

Best Supplement to Boost Immune System for Sports

Reading time: 4 min
Protect your athletic progress!
Best Supplement to Boost Immune System for Sports

Do you know one of the main differences between a successful athlete and someone who progresses a lot slower?

Yup, you guessed it. It's the immune system.

A strong and healthy immune system allows you to progress steadily, as you won't be slowed down by inflammations, injuries, and diseases. This means you will be able to train regularly and more efficiently, and your progress will be constant.

A weakened immune system will not only slow down your progress, but you might hit a point in which disease or injury may stop your progress completely or cause you to regress. In worst case scenario, you might be forced to quit your sport completely.

This is why we created Immuno – the best supplement to boost the immune system for athletes. 

Strong immune systemProtect your progress with Immuno capsules.

Immuno is a dietary supplement created for athletes which allows you to boost your immune system simply and efficiently.

The benefits of the dietary supplement Immuno:

  • All necessary micronutrients in one product
  • No need to count pills, focus on your training
  • Adapted to the needs of high-level athletes

The immune system of an athlete

The immune system protects your body from inflammations, viruses, and bacteria. It is a very complex mechanism formed by organs, white blood cells, protein (antibodies), and various chemical substances.

As an athlete, you must put special emphasis on your immune system, as intense exercise represents a huge stress for your body, which can lead to long-term drop of your immune system.

A strong immune system is your best ally in life and your sports career.

Boosting your immune system must be your first priority.

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How to boost my immune system?

One of the most common mistakes of athletes is that they don't take proper care for their micronutrient and macronutrient intake.

Intense exercise in combination with a lack of necessary nutrients significantly increases the levels of stress in your body, which is one of the main factors that lead to a drop of the immune system.

During and after exercise, you must take care of a proper intake of carbohydrates. This is especially important for endurance athletes who engage in exercise longer than 2 hours.

An endurance athlete must intake from 60 to 90 grams of carbohydrates for each hour of intense exercise.

If macronutrients allow your body to sustain the immune system, micronutrients are the ones who boost the immune system.

Vitamins and minerals play a key role in numerous functions of your body, which includes your immune system.

When taking care of their immune system, a common problem athletes face is a small pharmacy of micronutrient supplements in their closet, which is needlessly complicated and tiresome, and might require a structured plan for when take what.

All micronutrients in one capsule

The dietary supplement Immuno is a simple solution that provides all you need for a healthy and strong immune system in one product.

Immuno allows you to get all you need to boost your immune system in a single product.

Improve your immune systemSome know very well what they need to do for a healthy and strong immune system.

Why use the dietary supplement Immuno?

The dietary supplement Immuno contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that will help you boost your immune system.

Unlike similar supplements which contain unnecessary ingredients, wrong concentrations of micronutrients that can harm you in excessive doses (e.g., vitamin E), forms of minerals with poor absorption, or ingredients that don't mix well (e.g., copper and iron), Immuno is designed to provide optimal synergy of micronutrients.


A key ingredient of the dietary supplement Immuno is quercetin, which functions as a ionophore. A ionophore is a chemical compound that helps micronutrients enter the cell. This improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Quercetin has several other benefits.

  • It protects your cells from oxidative stress.
  • It protects your body from inflammations and diseases.
  • It increases your aerobic capacity and VO2 max.
  • It increases time to exhaustion.
  • It regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.

Zinc bisglycinate

The dietary supplement Immuno contains a chelated form of zinc, the zinc bisglycinate. It is the best form of zinc according to research.

The two main benefits of zinc bisglycinate are:

  • It is gentle to the stomach, no need to fear digestive issues.
  • Its high biological value leads to best levels of absorption.

Vitamin C and D

Immuno contains vitamin C and D. These two vitamins play a key role in your immune response to viral infections.

Since quercetin in Immuno acts as a ionophore, you get the best absorption of these two essential vitamins.

Black elder

Black elder is an extremely powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from free radicals.

Free radicals are produced as a normal byproduct of your body's functions and due to external factors. Intense exercise is one of these factors, which significantly increases the number of free radicals in your body.

Free radicals bind to your cells and destroy them. The role of antioxidants is to bind to these free radicals, which prevents them from binding to your healthy cells.


Spirulina is an extremely popular supplement with numerous health benefits.

  • Spirulina reduces glucose levels.
  • Spirulina has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Spirulina boosts your immune system.
  • Spirulina alleviates allergy symptoms.

Protect your progress

Protect your progress by boosting your immune system.

The dietary supplement Immuno provides all you need in a single product to be able to train regularly and protect the progress of your training. 

Dietary supplement for the immune system
Protect your progress with Immuno capsules.


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