400 g - 100 servings

Zero drink


Zero Drink electrolyte powder contains the Nduranz electrolyte mix and zero calories.
  • Ideal for short training sessions or during increased sweating
  • Preserve the stability of electrolytes in your body
  • Stay hydrated without digestive issues
  • 100 servings

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You can try to prevent dehydration during intense exercise by drinking more fluid than usual. The result?

The muscle cell is too full of water, and a swollen cell causes muscle cramps.

Prolonged exercise leads to gradual failure of the nervous system – your muscles are still flexible but their contraction and coordination are significantly impaired. This is even more prominent when you are in a caloric deficit or when you train in extreme heat or humidity.

By consuming minerals during exercise you will be less fatigued, your muscles better coordinated, and your recovery more efficient.

Zero Drink is the ideal solution for shorter training sessions, and it is especially useful during hot weather!

Many people experience digestive issues when they consume an elevated dose of electrolytes. The problem is usually in the excessive dosing of specific minerals (magnesium).

The Nduranz electrolyte mix provides optimal hydration by replacing what you actually lose in your sweat. This way you preserve the careful balance of electrolytes in your blood and avoid digestive issues.

  • Hydrate with the electrolytes you actually lose in your sweat
  • Ideal for efforts shorter than two hours
  • Zero calories, useful for diets
  • Ideal in hot weather and humid environments
  • No digestive issues
  • No muscle cramps
  • Fresh and natural taste
  • Mix one scoop with 500 ml of water for each hour of training. Consume up to five servings per day.

    We recommend using the product for exercise shorter than two hours. For longer exercise sessions, we recommend ingestion of carbohydrates


    100 g

    1 serving (4 g)


    205.7 kJ / 48.4 kcal 8.2 kJ / 1.9 kcal

    Total Fat

    0 g 0 g

    of which saturated

    0 g

    Total Carbohydrate

    12.1 g 0.48 g

    of which sugar

    0.5 g 0.02 g

    Dietary Fiber

    0 g 0 g


    0 g 0 g


    1499 mg 0.66 mg
    Potassium 557 mg (278.5% RDA) 223 mg (11.4% RDA)
    Calcium 107 mg (125.9% RDA) 42.8 mg (5% RDA)
    Magnesium 64.3 mg (17.15% RDA) 2.6 mg (0.7% RDA)

    Dietary supplement. Ingredients: Nduranz electrolyte mix (sodium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, sodium chloride, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate), natural aroma, sweetener: sucralose. Net quantity: 400 g.

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