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Pleasant source of energy, focus, and good mood. Prolific is ideal for endurance sports and sports that require concentration.

  • Increased strength and endurance
  • No "crash" unlike most other products
  • Patented form of choline for your brain
  • NFS certificate

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Pre-workout Prolific is the last and only pre-workout drink you will need if your workouts are really intense. PES experts have developed a unique pre-workout that will supply you with incredible energy while providing excellent well-being and an enhanced brain-to-muscle connection. Research has shown that, for maximum organism capacity, one of the most important aspects is the mind-muscle connection. In this way, muscles can be tuned to neuromuscular connections with appropriate and varied exercise ("shocking" the muscles). This is why this pre-workout contains a patented form of cholin. We know as a fact that in endurance sports - but also in CrossFit and in high-volume fitness workouts - when our body runs out of glycogen, it also runs out of this specific neurotransmitter. 

The product contains a blend of two types of caffeine - anhydrous caffeine and Infinergy™ (dicaffeine malate) with the addition of coffee extract, which - together with theanine, rhodiola and taurine - delivers extra explosive energy without anxiety. The unique formula of this pre-workout is supplemented by as much as 6 g of citrulline and betaine - but we can safely say that you will also always be pleased with its taste.

The unique formula, not based on the caffeine overkill, but rather on creative and natural ingredients - theanine, rhodiola, coffee extract, betaine - provides the optimal connection between the brain and muscle. Pre-workout that supplies the body with energy without the usual post-caffeine crash. 

  • The best pre-workout for endurance and high-volume fitness
  • Theanin for the enhanced focus
  • Patented choline source - precursor for brain processes
  • Adaptogens are reducing the levels of stress hormones
  • Patented coffee extract - NeuroFactor
  • Energy without "crash"
  • No creatine - no water retention
  • Prolific improves both power and endurance

Mix 3/4 of scoop with 300 ml of water and drink half an hour before physical activity. When you develop tolerance, you can increase your intake to 2 scoops a day.

*See image.

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