100 soft gels

Omega-3 Capsules

Most recognized omega-3 fatty acids by Now. Guaranteed purity and quality.

  • 1000 mg of fish oil per softgel
  • ICP-MS analysis guarantees the product doesn't contain heavy metals and impurities
  • Made from small fish from clean seas

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Not all Omega-3 capsules are the same - they differ in the origin and purity of fish oil - and a production technique that retains the original fatty acid properties is just as important. Now Foods omega 3 capsules are molecularly distilled, and the oil does not come from big fish (tuna, sharks) or predator fish, but rather from anchovies, mackerel, and sardines. They are manufactured under strict conditions, and each batch of oil is tested for heavy metals and other contaminants -  especially for mercury and other heavy metals, radioactive impurities, polycloned biphenyls, dioxins - and brightness of fish oil is also checked. Since unsaturated fatty acids are most susceptible to oxidation, NOW Omega-3 capsules are protected by natural antioxidants - the easiest way to prevent lipid peroxidation is Vitamin E, which is why natural tocopherol is added to each softgel.

Now foods Omega-3 contain 2000 mg of molecularly obtained fish oil per two capsules, of which 360 mg is eicosapentaenoic acid, and 240 mg docosahexanoic acid. Although many capsules on the market contain double or triple the EPA values, many institutions, including the European Food Safety Authority - have confirmed that DHA has an even more significant effect on human health. Therefore, it is reasonable - especially in the winter months - to consume fish oil along with vitamin D.

Why is it wise to check what kind of Omega-3 capsules we are consuming? First, healthy fats are extremely important for athletes because they maintain overall health and have specific anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on the body. Secondly, these fats go through our digestive system, and we DO NOT want any heavy metals to pass through. Now foods capsules are a healthy decision - they are rich in active ingredients and are regularly tested for harmful substances.

Why do athletes need Omega-3 capsules? Omega-3 are the key fatty acids that the body needs for normal functioning of organs and the nervous system - the phospholipid bilayer is entirely made up of fat cells. This is primarily due to DHA. DHA plays an important role in preserving vision and brain functioning, and this effect can be achieved with as much as 250mg of this fatty acid. The significance of the effect Omega-3 has on human brain is evidenced by the fact that over the course of evolution, the human brain has grown proportionally with the intake of Omega-3. EPA is a fatty acid that, in combination with the above, plays a role in maintaining the cardiovascular system - also with 250mg or more. All this can be achieved by taking three Omega-3 capsules a day. However, to lower triglycerides in the blood we require more - a total of over 2 g of fatty acids - so, of course, we also recommend foods rich in Omega-3 (fish, nuts).

The benefits of this supplement go beyond what is described above - research indicates there is an intriguing interwovenness of inflammation, emotional states and anxiety. Studies show numerous links between low-grade inflammation, depression and indicators that are manifested through skin conditions. 

  • 1000mg of fish oil per capsule
  • 120mg of DHA and 190mg of EPA
  • Pharmaceutical quality - the gold standard of most pharmacies in the world
  • ICP-MS analysis - extremely accurate detection of contaminants
  • Omega-3s form membranes of all cellular structures, especially brain phospholipids
  • Saturated fats are necessary for the normal development of the brain, eyes, and nerves
  • Omega-3 capsules reduce exercise-induced inflammation and indirectly promote regeneration

Take two softgels twice a day with food. Do not use if you are a hemophiliac or are taking antifibrinolytic drugs. 

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: natural concentrated fish oil, softgel capsules (gelatin, glycerin, water), natural vitamin E (alpha tocopherol). Net quantity: 100 softgels.

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