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The 3 Main Consequences of a Low VO2 Max

VO2 max is not just a number. The lower it is, the more you feel the consequences, such as:

• Difficulty breathing
• Slower recovery
• Poor muscle performance

These issues directly affect endurance and strength, making each breath, step, and pedal stroke less efficient than before.

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Hausner J.
First experience with Absolute

I,m 59 years old and train regular4-5 times a week with my bikes. Since about 1,5 weeks I take Absolute and I‘m amased of how my performance improved. The point when the Lactate kicks in is coming much later than usual. To bring my heartrate higher than Threshold takes a lot longer. I will for sure use it regularly.
Good job by 4Endurance. 👍👍🤜🤜

Ultra crazy runner approves! 5/5

I've been testing it for the last 2 months and i am aboslutely amazed! I have increased my VO2 max level for 4 points which is amazing result, as i have been stuck on previous level for almost half a year. It allowed em to train even harder! I love pushin myself to the limit and beyond. This products helps me do it! Please let this offer run for ever! :D


Breathing is so much easier its unbelivable! Feels like i have an extra lung. One of my favourites now for sure. Highly recommend!

Frequently asked questions

What is Absolute, how does it work, and how can it help me?

Absolute is an adaptogenic blend designed to improve your training and competitions. With Absolute, you can train longer and harder, with fewer issues related to recovery and the stress hormone cortisol, such as increased injury risk, lack of motivation, and feelings of fatigue.

Adaptogens work in several ways, but their most important effect is reducing stress caused by exercise. During endurance training, stress factors increase, and adaptogens help recycle them. This enables the circulatory system to function effectively, significantly impacting vasodilation and VO2 max.

An adaptogen triggers a response to a physical stressor (in this case, physical exercise) and improves the physiological response (adaptation) to this stress.

An adaptogen produces effects only when there is a sufficient amount in the body and when we approach the limits of our capabilities. It is important to know which adaptogens to take at specific times and for what purpose. Some adaptogenic plants (e.g., Siberian ginseng) can even increase cortisol levels if used during non-intensive exercise.

That's why with Absolute, we have chosen only the most effective and beneficial adaptogens (rhodiola, cordyceps, ashwagandha, Chinese ginseng) and added beta-alanine and chromium for the best results.

Absolute helps the body respond to stressors. It contains unique natural substances with excellent abilities to restore hormonal balance, reduce physical and mental fatigue, and aid in recovery.

Absolute also modulates the immune system, enabling the body to maintain optimal immune function.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural plant-derived substances. Plants develop beneficial effects on the body due to the harsh conditions in which they grow and must adapt to evolutionarily (altitude, shade, poor soil, lack of nutrients, cold).

The problem is that a single adaptogen (e.g., rhodiola or rose root) doesn't achieve the same effect as it can in combination with other adaptogens, so it's sensible to combine them.

You also need to be careful about which adaptogens you choose. A poor-quality adaptogen, damaged in nature and exposed to contamination, won't be very helpful. That's why Absolute contains only the best-cultivated adaptogens from the finest parts of the plants (e.g., ashwagandha only from the root, not the much cheaper leaves) with the best adaptogenic properties.

One advantage of well-cultivated adaptogens is that we know their exact age. For instance, ginseng needs five years to develop its active compounds – ginsenosides.

Is Absolute meant only for professional athletes?

No, Absolute is not just for professional athletes. It is designed for anyone looking to improve their endurance, strength, and recovery, regardless of their athletic level.

When and how is it sensible to take Absolute?

The best time to take Absolute is when you're preparing for a competition or during periods of intense training. This is when you'll notice the most significant difference in how you feel, especially with a measurable decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.

Keep in mind that adaptogens in the product need time to "accumulate in the body," so some planning is required. You'll start to notice positive effects between the 6th and 8th day of taking it, reaching a peak on the 21st day.

Do I need to take Absolute every day, even when I'm not training?


Adaptogens accumulate in the body. If you stop taking them, you won't achieve the full potential the product offers.

Will Absolute also help with recovery?

Of course!

Absolute reduces the stress hormone cortisol and lowers lactate levels in the body. Additionally, the ingredients in the product (especially ActiGin) reduce inflammation caused by exercise, prevent muscle membrane peroxidation (damage), and increase glycogen synthesis in muscles.

Should I stop taking Absolute? Is it necessary to cycle the product like creatine?

Absolute is most effective when you're under stress, such as during preparation, intense training periods, and between competitions. Therefore, the product's cycle should reflect your training cycle.

During periods of high effort, it's beneficial to take it continuously. During rest and lighter training periods, you can stop taking it for 4-6 weeks or longer.

Remember, it takes at least 20 days of consistent use to achieve the full effect.

Is Absolute legal and doping-free?


In the 4Endurance PRO line, trusted by many professional athletes, we ensure that all ingredients are 100% legal and not on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of banned substances in sports. The products are manufactured following the highest GMP standards.