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(1+1 FREE) Recovery Drink Regen


Optimal recovery after intense exercise with natural flavors and easy on the stomach.

  • 30 g of whey protein isolate 90 % - best quality
  • 50 g of carbohydrate mix to replenish glycogen
  • Added electrolytes (magnesium, salt, potassium, calcium)

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The recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2 is a new and improved version of the excellently received recovery drink Reg-N - Prototype 1. Instead of whey protein concentrate (WPC), it contains 90% whey protein isolate (WPI 90) of German origin. Electrolytes are in citrate forms. The recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2 contains a two-component mix of carbohydrates in the 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose which replenishes muscle and liver glycogen. The ratio fully absorbs from the stomach without irritating the digestive tract, which is usually irritated after strain (due to increased amount of glucose, energy gels, and other energy-rich foods).

Most recovery drinks on the market contain a high amount of CHO in relation to protein (4:1 or even 5:1) and inferior forms of whey or even soy. The new Regen - Prototype 2 contains 50 g of carbohydrates and 30 g of whey protein isolate of German origin. This ratio is proven to be the best for protein synthesis, regardless of training type. It also contains electrolytes in citrate form and does NOT contain lactose, which makes it suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. It contains only natural aromas. It does not contain artificial sweeteners or other undesired substances. 

The recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2 contains the best whey protein isolate (WPI 90) of German origin, an ideal combination of carbohydrates, and electrolytes in citrate forms. Doesn’t contain flavour enhancers, sweeteners, artificial aromas, and preservatives, which makes it suitable for all age groups. The extremely clean whey protein isolate makes this product suitable even for people with lactose intolerance.



Whey protein isolate is often overlooked in the world of sports nutrition. Manufacturers often prefer whey protein concentrate, as it is much cheaper and accessible, and at the same time, they count on the final user not being able to tell the difference and be satisfied with anything sporting the label “recovery”. Most leading manufacturers of regcovery drinks do not provide to their customers a quality whey protein isolate (WPI), opting instead for the cheaper concentrate or even a soy protein isolate, which has an inferior amino acid composition and biological value. Whey protein concentrate contains approximately 80% of protein, and the isolate approximately 90%. Whey protein isolate goes through a procedure called “cross-flow microfiltration”. Protein is separated from fat, cholesterol, and lactose, resulting in an extremely purified product. This means that whey protein isolate has a lot less fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, lactose, and calories than any other protein drink on the market. It is recommended for athletes who avoid dairy products or have issues when ingesting milk or whey protein concentrate (WPC). We can find on the market whey protein isolates with different percentages of protein – we chose the best one that contains an amazing 90% of protein (WPI). Top-level filtration makes it easy for your body to digest and absorb it.

The recovery drink Regen is based on three pillars of the regeneration process: rehydration, replenishment of glycogen stores, and muscle recovery (triple R: Rehydration, Refuelling, Recovery). The electrolytes in Regen are adapted to those we lose in sweat. The minerals are in citrate forms and have extremely high bioavailability. Carbohydrates are in the ideal 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose.


Strenuous and regular workouts represent a burden for our body. The growth of muscle fibre is to a certain degree dependent on inflammations, which have to occur in the right amount, not too little, not too much. Especially problematic is the so-called chronic inflammation (or low-grade inflammation), connected to numerous modern diseases, but it can also occur as a consequence of the immune system being in a state of constant readiness. In this regard, there is a lot we can do ourselves.

The first and most often overlooked thing we can do is to ingest carbohydrates, which helps us maintain a stable concentration of glucose in the blood, which in turn positively influences hormone secretion (insulin, cortisol). It is equally important that after workout we repair the damaged muscle fibres and fully replenish the glycogen stores. Later on, we cannot replenish glycogen with equal efficiency, no matter how much pasta we eat.

The combination of maltodextrin and fructose in the Regen drink is the same as in all other Nduranz products (the energy gel, the isotonic drink, and the recovery drink). But Regen is the first recovery drink to contain two types of carbohydrates – fructose also replenishes liver glycogen. An athlete who starts the next workout with full glycogen stores and takes care of proper fuelling will release fewer stress hormones, the level of muscle damage (creatine kinase) will be lower, and the drink will balance cortisol levels, which could otherwise stay high through the day.

Stress hormones are extremely catabolic – they break down muscles to extract all they require to deal with incoming danger. Their main target is glycogenic amino acids, from which they generate the same energy we would get by ingesting an isotonic drink or energy gel. Furthermore, cortisol is created from the same precursor as our sex hormones, which are the accelerators of muscle recovery – the more we spend on stress, the less will be left for anabolic processes.

The relationship between “gas and brake” is extremely complex – when the body is overloaded or overtrained, the balance is disrupted. The best way to explain it is by picturing a rotation of diametrically opposite processes – the inhibition of numerous repairing processes and a chronic inflammation we are not aware of. This negatively impacts recovery and inhibits the normal communication between immune cells (especially cytokines, which regulate the inflammation process), making our immune system think we are constantly inflamed.

Nduranz considers the most important aspect of sports nutrition to be the food itself – food that the body can take and use most efficiently. Cycling, triathlon, swimming, orientation running, hiking, team sports from hockey to soccer – physical activity without proper nutrition in the modern lifestyle, characterised by lack of sleep and processed meals, only further overloads our organism. This is why most sports doctors consider fuelling to be the most important aspect of a healthy immune system, something Nduranz takes into account with every product they make.

  • Quick recovery after exhausting training
  • Lactose-free
  • Best whey protein isolate (WPI 90)
  • 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose to replenish muscle and liver glycogen
  • Easy on the digestive tract
  • With added electrolytes to assist optimal operation of the neuromuscular system
  • Prevents stress-related muscle catabolism
  • Doping-free
  • Delicious flavours
  • Natural aromas

Mix 1-3 scoops of Regen (based on workout length and intensity) with 250-400 ml of water and ingest immediately after training.


100 g

1 serving (88 g)

chocolate flavor

1 serving (88 g)

other flavors


1607.4 kJ / 378.3 kcal 1366.3 kJ / 321.5 kcal 318.5 kcal

Total Fat

0.8 g 0.68 g 0.5 g

Saturated Fat

0.6 g 0.5 g 0.03 g

Total Carbohydrates

59.2 g 50.3 g 50.42 g


28.5 g 24.2 g 24.99 g

Dietary Fiber

0 g 0 g 0 g


34.5 g 29.4 g 29.74 g


0.78 g 0.66 g 1.232 g
Potassium 291 mg 247 mg (12.3% RDA) 458 mg (23% RDA)
Calcium 56 mg 47.6 mg (6% RDA) 88 mg (11% RDA)
Magnesium 34 mg 2.9 mg (0.9% RDA) 5,3 mg (1.4% RDA)

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: Whey protein isolate (MILK), maltodextrin, fructose, Nduranz electrolyte mix (sodium chloride, tripotassium citrate, tricalcium citrate, trimagnesium citrate), natural aroma.

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