60 capsules


Daily invigoration tonic from the South Seas is finally here! The lyophilized form brings you all the benefits of this wonderful fruit in only two capsules.

  • Stimulates correct function of your immune system
  • It may help you to alleviate your problems with arthritis
  • Strong antioxidant effect protects your cells from free radicals

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Noni is a fruit with numerous medicinal benefits, but still many people from Europe and USA are not familiar with it. We can only guess why that is the case, but perhaps it has something to do with noni's slightly unattractive appearance and unpleasant odor.

Noni stimulates the immune system at the cellular level, as it accelerates the regeneration and function of your cells. It has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. It is used to reduce blood pressure, alleviate menstrual pain, and deal with arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Some people use it to treat more serious ailments, but there is no real proof for that.

The noni fruit by Swanson is lyophilized. Lyophilization is a procedure to remove water from biological and organic substances, which would be damaged by heat, while preserving their structure. The procedure is slow and uses three times more energy than conventional drying, which is why it's used only for expensive products. This allows you to get the best parts of the product. 

  • One gram of Noni fruit per two capsules
  • Strong antioxidant effect protects your cells
  • It can reduce the damage caused by tobacco smoke
  • Lyophilized from preservers all the nutrients of the fruit
  • It may have an antifungal and antibacterial effect
  • It helps you to alleviate menstrual pain
  • It may help you to alleviate your problems with arthritis
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect

Take two capsules with a meal once daily. Do not consume if you have kidney problems or diabetes. 

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: noni fruit (Morinda Citrofilia) 1 g*. Other ingredients: gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide. Net quantity: 60 capsules. *Amount in two capsules. Manufacturer: Swanson Health USA.

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