Krill Oil (100% Pure) - Swanson - 60 softgels

Superba2 patented krill oil of the highest purity and quality is the right choice for anyone. With the natural antioxidant astaxanthin. 

  • Purest form and exceptional quality
  • Organic and environmentally friendly way of extracting oil
  • A powerful natural antioxidant Astaxanthin

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Krill oil is one of the best natural sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, but not all krill oil producers are the same. At Swanson Health Products, they have chosen the best manufacturer on the market for their customers! Superba2 ™ Krill Oil by Aker Biomarine Antarctic AS is different from others with its purity, quality, and care for the environment! In addition, their sustainable organic harvesting techniques ™ are genuinely geared towards environmental sustainability and sustainability as they protect the ocean and its vulnerable ecosystems, using only sustainable fishing practices. Superba2 krill oil is made with the patented Flexitech technology, technology, which helps remove unwanted salts and other impurities to produce krill oil without odor, impurities, and bad taste. Each of the softgels contains EPA and DHA omega-3 for a complete diet with EFA. The phospholipid form of krill oil allows EPA and DHA to be introduced directly into cell membranes, dramatically increasing bioavailability. In addition, krill has the antioxidant astaxanthin, which not only protects EPA and DHA from degradation but also provides valuable protection against free radicals. Swanson EFAs Krill Oil uses the best krill oil in the world, which provides a useful source of omega-3 nutrition to support cardiovascular disease, helps maintain mental health, and provides the body with essential fatty acids for a healthy heart, teeth, eyes, and brain.. 

What is Astaxanthin? Natural astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress. Natural astaxanthin can prevent the binding of free radicals in the inner and outer cell membranes. The main and richest source of astaxanthin in nature is the microalga found in the Arctic Sea. Astaxanthin improves skin elasticity by strengthening the collagen layer. Reduces wrinkle size and improves micro skin texture. It inhibits the release of free radicals in all layers of the skin and consequently helps defend against premature skin aging. It also provides moisture and smoothness and inhibits the development of age spots.

  • 500mg Krill Oil per caps
  • 27.5mg DHA and 60 mg EPA
  • Purest form and exceptional quality
  • Organic and environmentally friendly way of extracting oil
  • A powerful natural antioxidant Astaxanthin
  • With anti-aging properties
  • 60 softgels for 30 days

Eat two soft gels with food. Do not use it if you have hemophilia or are taking anticoagulants. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO SHELLFISH OR CRUSTACEANS.

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: 100% Superba 2 krill oil, gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, ethyl vanillin. Contains CRABS (Krill). Net Quanity: 60 softgels

Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, ethyl vanillin. Contains shells (krill).

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