Hair, Skin & Nails - Swanson - 60 capsules

An effective formula for beautiful and strong hair and nails and glowing skin.

  • It stimulates the formation of collagen in the body
  • 60 day supply
  • It helps maintain joints

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Swanson Hair, Skin & Nails (hair, skin and nails) is not just a “beauty” product. It's so much more! It contains organic sulfur, or. MSM, which has recently gained in importance, as it is necessary for the formation of two essential amino acids - methionine and cysteine. In addition, it is important for the formation of creatine, collagen and can help restore cartilage in the joints. It is also crucial for elastin, which provides athletes with flexibility and shape of muscles, their strength and regeneration.

While the function of health has not been thoroughly confirmed and definitively researched, its action in the field of beautiful and healthy nails, hair and skin has been proven by numerous studies. A recent study from 2020 proved that taking 1-3g of MSM over a period of 16 weeks significantly improves the appearance of the skin, helps with wrinkles and skin firmness.

How It Works? It is an important material that takes care of the formation of collagen, which in turn ensures healthy tissue. This important mineral (immediately after calcium) is a major mineral for the health of hair, nails, elastic tissue and cartilage.

There is also horsetail (Horsetail Grass Stem or Equisetum arvense), which removes water from the body, and is also used in weight loss diets, as it strengthens metabolism. It is also recommended for cramps and cartilage problems. It strengthens the structure of the hair, prevents their breakage and strengthens the nails.

Cysteine ​​is an amino acid that serves in the synthesis of glutathione, a cellular antioxidant, and PABA (aminobenzoic acid), which is a structural component of folic acid, can help fight gray hair, reduce fatigue and help skin age. Inositol is the primary component of cell membranes and is a key element in maintaining normal hormonal balance. Inositol deficiency can lead to hair loss, fatty liver, high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

  • It helps maintain joints
  • Provides muscle flexibility
  • Immune system support
  • For beautiful hair, skin, and nails
  • It causes the formation of collagen in the body
  • 60 day supply

One capsule per day, with a meal.

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: Choline (choline bitartrate 50mg - 9% VAT), Organic sulfur - MSM (700mg)*, Horsetail (250mg)*, Cysteine ​​hydrochloride (100mg)*, Inositol (25mg), PABA (aminobenzoic acid), 25mg. Other ingredients: calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose (from plants), stearic acid, magnesium stearate, polymer salt (croscamellose), silicon dioxide, food glaze, magnesium silicate. Neto Quantity: 60 capsules Manufactured for: SWANSON HEALTH PRODUCT, FARGO NORTH DAKOTA. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, store in a cool, dry place. *Daily Value not established.

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