Collagen POWDER - Applied Nutrition - 300 g

Applied collagen is hydrolysed free-range beef collagen, broken down into small peptides, which enables amazing absorption.

  • Hydrolysed free-range beef collagen
  • Helps regenerate joints and cartilage
  • Monthly supply

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Hydrolysed free-range beef collagen is a protein found in the skin, cartilage, connective tissues, and bones. When we are young, our body produces collagen by itself, but as we grow older, the production of collagen slows down. It is extremely difficult to add collagen to our body through food, which is why we need to add it as a supplement. It works especially well in combination with vitamin C.

The problem with the intake of this protein from food is that natural collagen has poor absorption because the body is not able to absorb it in the digestive tract. Hydrolysed collagen powder is broken down into groups of amino acids which we call peptides and which the body can absorb. 100% hydrolysed free-range beef collagen is produced in a laboratory that operates under the standards and certificates ISO 22000, BRC, GMP, and every production line is further tested.

  • Monthly supply
  • Hydrolyzed free-range beef collagen
  • Helps regenerate joints and cartilage
  • Stimulates strength gain and hypertrophy
  • Improves regeneration, especially for older people
  • For healthy and good-looking hair and nails
  • ISO 22000, BRC, GMP, certified laboratory
  • Tested for illegal substances and content quality
  • Synergic with MSM - organic sulfur

Mix one or two servings of hydrolyzed collagen with your favorite drink and consume at any time of the day.

Dietary supplement. Ingredients: hydrolyzed beef collagen peptides.

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