Gregor Konstantinović / Reading time: 2 min

The last composition in the must-have nutrient series will be short. Listen to your body. Observe your every day (and night) and ask yourself, "Do I live properly?" Are you sleeping enough? If the answer is no, multivitamins will not be able to defend you from chronic diseases in 15 years’ time. Or, if they contain any other herbs in addition to synthetic forms, they protect the body from oxidative stress and acute viral diseases during the period of overstraining. If there are too few nuts and fish in your diet, add Omega-3 fatty acids. If your father is a fisherman, then you do not need to take three capsules of Omega-3. If you are vegans, you are very likely to have shortages of iron, so you can efficiently fill it with algae in compressed form (Spirulina). If you have broken your cruciate ligament, it is worthwhile to consume iron, vitamin C, glutamine, HMB in advance and exclude Omega-3 from the diet within the first two weeks, as they may be excellent for the scar-healing process but not for the first days of proliferation after injury. On the day that we carried out strength training and did not have meals with high protein content (fish, meat, curd, eggs, quinoa), we can add a measure of whey protein or casein to a banana, blueberry and raspberry smoothie.

Finally, if you are involved in demanding physical activity (even more so if you notice general and long-lasting fatigue), it is worthwhile to check your blood count at least every two years. Our top athletes do this at least half a year. By doing this, we do not only check if everything is OK with us, but also highlight our weaknesses and strengths. And we ourselves pay the greatest attention to this. Thus, you can add missing minerals (e.g. magnesium or iron) or vitamins (D3 or B12 if you experience unusual sensations) or make up the best combination to increase strength (zinc, vitamin D3, and if you lack total cholesterol, you can add one or two eggs, as well as two basic precursors for testosterone).

When talking about dietary supplements, it should be understood that these are only supplements to basic nutrition. The emphasis is on "basic nutrition". Food, however healthy, often does not meet the specific needs of endurance athletes, which is why it is necessary to add certain basics to achieving top results and maintaining health. Here, it is necessary to choose wisely and make sure of three things - that the supplements are completely safe, efficient and that we need them in the first place.

Now, you ready to climb your bikes or the mountains!